Benefits of Doing a Life Drawing Hen Party

Hen parties need to be memorable and exciting. For women who are about to get married, it is their last opportunity to have a happy party. One of the best ideas for a hen party is inviting a male model to pose nude for a life drawing.

Instead of hiring a stripper, you can hire someone to be a model, and everyone at the party will draw the male form. The naughtiness is still there, but it is not as controversial as having a stripper. Some women are also not comfortable with the idea of hiring a stripper to be a part of the party.

There is a legit excuse

Some men are not okay allowing their women to be at a party with naked strippers. They seem disgusted by the idea. However, if you use the term male model posing for a life drawing instead of a stripper, they might not have anything against it. The person will be there for the sake of art, and it is a valid excuse.

It is educational

A lot of people want to try life drawing, but they don’t dare do it. They are also not comfortable with the idea of drawing a naked man along with other people whom they barely know. With hen parties, everyone in the room is friends with each other. There is no awkwardness in any way. Everyone is also learning how to draw a male figure for the first time. You can also hire an artist to come over and provide professional tips on drawing the model. Everyone leaves the party with a new skill.

It will be a night of laughter

You organise a hen party because you want to gather the people closest to the bride for a special event before she gets married. It needs to be a fun activity that everyone will remember. Imagine having a naked guy in the room while everyone is trying to be serious as they draw the form. There will be chuckles all over the place.

It is easy to organise

When you are planning to host a hen party, you have tons of ideas to make the party extra special. You have a lot of considerations including the preference of the bride, the availability of the guests, and other details. To lessen the burden, opt for a life drawing party. Even if all other aspects of the party are not that great, at least there is a highlight everyone can enjoy. You need to contact the companies offering this service, and on the night of the party, the male model will be there. You can also prepare the drawing materials, and everything is all set.

People have tried several ideas to make hen parties special over the years. Life drawing parties are becoming increasingly popular and are worth a shot. You will look back at this party after several years, and you will still laugh about it.


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