Best places to spend your vacation

How would you like to spend a couple of days surrounded by Nature? How would you like to feel the gentle breeze of the fresh air and explore the magnificence of the gifts from Nature? If you like spending your time around nature then I have the perfect destinations for you. The places I will present here are magical and filled with gorgeous landscapes and breathtaking views This is also one of the reasons to hire a landscaper – to transform your backyard or lawn into a beautiful scenery. Most of the places in this article will show you more nature and magical views than any other place in the world. Choose your favorite destinations among these four magnificent places.
The Oregon Trails
Graciously laying from Missouri to Oregon City, the trail represents one of the best historic trails in the area. This magnificent trail includes 125 historic sites giving its visitors numerous opportunities for hiking. You can begin your great walking tour at the base of volcanic Mount Hood; go by the great Columbia River pass the magnificent waterfall, leading to spectacular mountain views and magical gardens filled with astounding wildflowers. Don’t miss exploring the Pioneer Women’s Grave which road will take you to other just as spectacular and fascinating historic sites. The Oregon Trails will take you back hundred years ago to the roots and history of Native Americans.
Nova Scotia, Canada
Astonishing dark green hills and rocky shorelines create a wonderful landscape and superb walking trails perfect for your relaxing vacation. Here you will walk the roads which lead to the truly magical Cape Breton Highlands National Park. Get in touch with another different and exciting world in Cheticamp and explore headland cliffs where eagles soar above. Get ready to explore the astounding life of whales near North Harbor Beach and observe these magnificent creatures happily dancing in the waters. This is truly a sacred experience!
Great Smoky Mountains
Best places to spend your vacation
A region filled with natural beauty and superb landscapes Great Smoky Mountains can show you more splendor and astounding environment that you have ever seen. Once established as a national park, today the area displays 500,000 acres of natural beauty, which makes it the largest wilderness area of the eastern United States. Within approximately 90 miles of walking trails you will find an abundance of natural and historic attractions, which will astound you and will leave you breathless. Here, in this magical and calming atmosphere you have the chance to explore more than 130 species of trees, 1,500 varieties of flowering plants and 200 types of birds. When we add the magical waterfalls to that picture it gets even more magnificent and astonishing.
Quebec Canada
A nice walk through the magical trails of this glorious mountain reveals so much beauty and natural splendor. Representing a unique ecosystem the Saguenay Fjord estuary is the magical place where fresh water blends with sea tide, thus creating the most astounding landscape and unique environment. So magical and glorious Quebec has gathered all the beauty that nature could have created: granite peaks, gorgeous lakes, magical waterfalls will surround you with magnificence and pure natural views. If you’re planning on visiting Quebec for a long time, be sure to check out chalet a vendre. You can also check out if you’re looking for land for sale in Quebec.

Best places to spend your vacation 2

Nothing could be compared to the magnificence of Nature; feeling the gentle breeze and the mild touch of nature. Nothing could be compared to the feeling of being surrounded by so much natural beauty and irresistible views. No place in the world can give you so many splendors and can fill your heart with so much passion.
If relaxing walks through the beautiful creations of Mother Nature is what you have been longing for, then the four places presented in this article represent your ideal vacation. You can also book hotels Chania with a pool for a simple relaxing getaway. Get away from the big city and experience another, so magical world.

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