Best Travel Gems and Hidden Travel Bargains You Can’t Miss

Traveling is great fun, and always an adventure but everyone knows how expensive it can be. Yet, these hidden and nearly undiscovered travel gems give you the excitement and adventure you want in travel without the high price tag. Look at what you can enjoy for so much less on your next trip.

Beacon, New York

You may have never heard of Beacon, NY but that’s probably because it sits in the shadow of New York City. It is one of the nicest places to visit in the state asides from the big apple, however. Just an hour away from New York City, it is filled with more laid-back and enticing charms including beautiful galleries, shopping and restaurants to die for. The town stays open late too! Perhaps to cater to its New Yorker neighbors. The town also hosts wonderful events like a farmer’s market and scenic walking trails along the river. There are also historic sites to see like Bannerman’s Castle a former military outpost.

There are just a few things to find out before you go to Beacon, NY however:

1. Defensive driving course prices for those city drivers not used to driving in small towns.

2. How Much is a NJ Speeding Ticket, you’ll want to get there fast once you do.

Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada

The Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada is a true gem. Nestled in the desert, it is 42,000 acres of dry, but breathtaking beauty. It’s also just an hour drive from Las Vegas, so it is simple to get there. Add this to your list of things to do when you take a trip to Sin City and you won’t be disappointed. In fact, you may wish you had planned your whole vacation around this interesting side-trip because it is so inspiring. Spending the day here can also save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in potential gambling losses since you will put miles of desert between you are the nearest slot machine.

Enjoy the scenery of this enchanting place, a surreal world of burnt umber and sienna, it is almost like stepping on the moon. It was used as the movie set for sci-fi movies based on Mars. You won’t want to miss the Arching Rock, one of many natural stone formations that baffle the mind and entice the eye.

Cache River State Natural Area, Illinois

The Cache River State Natural Area in Illinois is another state park to add to your list. Quiet, serene and enticingly inexpensive, this little beauty is just 15,000 acres of natural bliss. It’s also a very under-traveled spot with only 200,000 tourists stepping foot in here each year. The park is home to southern bogs and wetlands that can be navigated by canoes and kayaks. You can rent one on site to explore the nature and fauna here. Or, if you are more interest in high-and-dry adventures, take to the trails and hike around the park absorbing the natural beauty.

Pismo Beach, California

Far removed from the Malibu Beach Scene is fun and sun at Pismo Beach. It is just north of the Vandenberg Air Force Base and the Vandenberg State Marine Reserve. The beach is home to dozens of activities including golf, beach-going, surfing, fishing, kayaking, volleyball and more. Take a charter to dive or fish, or stay shore side and fish from the 12,000-foot pier. There’s also caves and tidal pools to explore plus a quaint town with shopping and restaurants.

Take a trip to any of these travel gems and enjoy a truly under-the-radar experience without the big attraction crowds or price tag! If you’re in Cincinnati, visit Click On Cincy to find the best clothing thrift stores in the area.

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