Best Ways to Get Rid of Old Furniture

Recycling is one of the most important ways you can do your bit to help the environment. However, many people are just simply unsure on what methods they can choose to recycle their furniture.

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There are endless ways of getting rid of your old furniture that doesn’t include filling up landfills or leaving it in your back garden to rot. With a bit of know-how you will actually find there are plenty of environmentally friendly and cheap ways to get rid of your old stuff. Luckily, our friends over at Enviro Waste are on hand to share some of these tips”.

Donating your furniture to charity

There are literally thousands of Houston charities you can donate your furniture to. Whether this charity redistributes your furniture to victims of violence, house fires, or the homeless, you will be doing it for a good cause. Depending on which charity you donate your furniture to, they may be able to pick it up for free. Just make sure that the furniture is clean and in good condition.

How to get rid of furniture online

The internet is a haven of places to buy, sell, exchange or simply give away unwanted furniture. Craigslist is a website that immediately springs to mind, but there are many others as well. New mobile apps such as shpock also allow you to also sell or give away your unwanted furniture. All you have to do is take a few good photos of the furniture you wish to get rid of, and request that they pick up the furniture themselves.

Upcycle your furniture

If you have a piece of furniture that has started to look out of place but is structurally sound, then donating them isn’t your only option. Many of your household furniture pieces can be stripped down and changed around for a more ‘you’ kind of style. Start sanding your old bookshelf, or add some new cushions to your sofa. It’s amazing what a new lick of paint, a couple of new doorknobs and some other fancy frills can do. As well as the potential of saving money on buying new furniture, you also save yourself a lot of energy dragging your sofa down 3 flights of stairs.

Hire an environmentally friendly waste disposal company

This is the easiest option but will cost you more cash than the others. If your time is valuable and you don’t mind spending some cash on a furniture removal company, then this option will be the most appealing for you. Companies such as Enviro Waste actually work with charities such as the British Heart Foundation and local housing associations. This means there is also a chance of it being sent to charity if it can’t be fully recycled.

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