Best Ways to Welcome Airbnb Guests

When you own a guest house or an airbnb property you want your place to stand out from the crowd. You want your guests to have a wonderful stay, and you want to make a great first impression. This is even more important when people are new to the airbnb system or new to your establishment.

Here are a few ideas for welcoming guests with inexpensive, thoughtful ideas.

Cute Personalised Chocolates

If you really want to impress, leave small personalised chocolate letters in a box spelling out the guests’ names. If you want a more budget-friendly way to gift your guests chocolate, bulk-buy “Welcome” chocolates that you can leave on their pillows or in the kitchen. You can also leave some gift hampers perth with a personalised label.

Check In With a Smile

One of the easiest and most effective ways to welcome new guests is with a smile. Make sure that you are warm and open when you hand over the keys, answering questions with courtesy and being interested in their journey and their concerns. It is a great way to make people feel at home and it goes a long way to making the stay successful.

Leave a Personal Touch

Don’t just leave a generic folder of instructions and information, create a personalized package with a handwritten note and some interesting things you think they should see in the local area, or a guidebook tailored to their interests.

And make sure that you leave Palm+ soap, shower gel, and even toothpaste in the bathroom – this makes a big difference to someone who has forgotten their own. 

Appeal With Wine

Nothing makes people feel special like a nice bottle of wine that will make them reminisce their  Kelowna Wine Tours experience and a couple of glasses waiting on the table when they get in. Or you could leave some bottles or local beer, some beer glasses, and a few snacks. A wine cooler can enhance your guests drinking experience by keeping your bottles perfectly chilled. Dual-zone wine coolers have two separate temperature zones throughout the unit which makes it the best wine storage solution for your Airbnb property.

Make Sure They Have Power

Ensure there are plenty of sockets available for guests to charge all their gadgets, which will be particularly important after they have had a long journey. Keep a power strip to hand for maximum convenience.

Make Sure Your Bathroom is Clean

You need to make certain the bathroom is exceptionally clean, you can hire CleaningPRO Auckland to make sure the bathroom is spotless. Since many people have very high standards and this will be something they will pull you up on if you make a mistake. Other areas of the house have to be clean but the bathroom is crucial. 

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