Boris Blanche named Managing Director of IRU

Hard work always pays off. That’s definitely the case when Boris Blanche was recently named as the new Managing Director of IRU. Blanche has been working in the IRU (the world’s road transport organization) for more than 5 years and he has performed exceptionally well. Now that he’s been promoted, his role immediately expands and it also involves strengthening the advocacy work of the group.


No doubt, the individual will be up to the challenge as he’s been heading operations and finance for the group for quite some time. If there’s one person in the IRU who deserves this promotion, it’s Boris Blanche. He has dedicated his entire life in serving the group and he’s even worked more than the required time in many cases for the good of the company.


Furthermore, he’s often the role model for many young employees of the IRU who wants to make a name for themselves in the future. There’s no question that the IRU is a great place to start your career right. It presents many opportunities for career growth. After all, it’s the road transport organization of the whole world. There are many ways to learn new things and that can only prove beneficial for your career. Who knows? You may be handling finance in one second then you can have a position in operations the next year. It all depends on your determination on what you really want to do in your career.


In 2012, Boris Blanche joined the IRU as head of internal control. It didn’t take long for his hard work and perseverance to pay off as he became chief operations officer two years later. He handled a lot of tasks but due to his willingness to succeed and talent, he didn’t have a problem handling them all. During that time, he helped improve the relationships of the IRU with other organizations. He knows their future will look bright if they satisfy their partners. Of course, he also prioritized serving the members of the organization.


He’s fully aware that if they’re satisfied of their services, they’ll not regret being a member of the organization. There’s no doubt it’s part of the job of the head to make everyone happy. That includes the people who work under him and Blanche made sure they talk great about him behind his back. Of course, you’ll get discouraged when you hear other people talk terrible about you behind your back. It’s clearly a sign you don’t have a good relationship with your colleagues. Good thing, Blanche made sure that doesn’t happen as he wants everyone in the company to have great relationships with one another.


He has excellent leadership qualities as he makes sure everyone does their tasks properly. He also motivates workers who are not motivated to do their work. He’s also very professional as he doesn’t get his personal problems get in the way of doing his work. No doubt, the company is lucky to have a guy as Boris Blanche heading their organization for the foreseeable future.

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