Brighten and Enhance Your Bathrooms Décor

The bathroom is the one room that combines two key themes, practicality and luxury. Whether you’re using the bathroom to get ready before work, or you’re settling down for a long hot soak in the bath, there are two main atmospheres you want to be able to achieve within the bathroom that can be controlled dependant on the situation. Designing a trendy yet practical bathroom doesn’t have to be an expensive project. If you’re remodeling your bathroom floors and you need a flooring installation, you should consider a waterproof board before tiling which you can find out about here.

Here are a few ways from a bathroom remodeling services in which you can brighten your bathroom and create the perfect space for you to relax and wind down.

Bold and Bright

Your bathroom is a space that wants to feel bright, bold and fresh. To achieve this kind of atmosphere within the bathroom, you may utilize a neutral colour palette on your bathroom cabinets that will help enhance and brighten the interiors.

Neutral colours are perfect for lifting the rooms atmosphere and bring a fresh feel to the whole space. Basing your interiors around a natural colour palette including whites, beiges, browns and greys will be the ideal core colours for the décor from Neon Mama, you can then look at introducing bolder, brighter colours to the interiors through fine details such as towels, accessories and so on.

Utilise the Space

When it comes to the design and layout of the bathroom, it’s often harder to work with a layout of your choice due to the bath, sink, toilet and one of the top picks for electric showers being positioned somewhere permanently. A Newton Interior Designer can, however, work around the permanent features and introduce essential items that will help you to make the most out of the space you have in your bathroom. Storage is a really important feature to include within the bathroom, as it doesn’t always seem like you need much until you start to introduce the hundreds of shower gels, body products and other toiletries that take up more space than you’d initially think. According to,  there are so many great ways in which you can really make the most of the space in your bathroom, keeping it fresh and bold without added clutter or gathered bath bombs! Introducing stylish storage such as the ranges at Furniture Plus Online will enhance the rooms overall look, adding character and style, whilst also providing you with essential storage that will help you make the most out of the space you have.

Stylish Touches

According to this webpage, there are specific items that you need in your bathroom in order to carry out daily routines, as well as to ensure you can relax and wind down. One of the most important features within any bathroom is the mirror. Having a mirror in your bathroom instantly add a glamorous touch, as well as making the room seem larger and brighter than it may actually be. Mirrors are essential for all kinds of bathroom routines, so investing in the right mirror for your bathroom is always beneficial.

Bathrooms are also a room for relaxation and luxury, therefore introducing certain items that will help you wind down and switch off are a great idea. Items such as Village Wax Melts are perfect for creating a relaxing, peaceful aroma that will instantly help you to wind down and drift off into your own world for a while. Similarly, selecting some good quality bubble baths or bath bombs will also ensure your bath is as comfortable and soothing as you can! Candles are also ideal for enhancing your bathroom and creating a soft, gentle feel that all bathrooms aim to have.

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