Can Harry Kane Beat Shearer’s Record

Harry Kane is without question one of the greatest English strikers that we have seen since the days of Michael Owen and Wayne Rooney and the jury is out as to whether or not he can equal or beat the Premier League goalscoring record. That record stands at an incredible 260 goals and was set by Alan Shearer during his glittering career. Nobody has really come close to the record, and Kane is the name on everyone’s lips in terms of the most likely to do it. I was having debate about this with my buddy, and Arsenal fan, Reddy Kancharla, who doesn’t think that Harry Kane can do it. As a Spurs fan I may be biased, but here is why I think that Kane can beat Shearer’s record, and the only thing which could prevent him from doing so.

What Can Stop Him?

Let’s start with the negative and look at why Harry Kane cannot hit the record, or what could stop him from doing so. The biggest thing which will contribute towards Kane hitting the record, is whether or not he will stay in the Premier League. Given the fact that Kane is the hottest striker in the world, and looking at the way in which teams like Real Madrid usually bully teams into selling their star players, especially when it comes to Spurs, this is a possibility. Many will cite injuries as a possible deterrent but even Shearer himself suffered 2 terrible injuries in his career which sidelined him for almost 2 years of his career. Stay fit and stay in the league, and Harry Kane should be able to beat the record.

Why He Will

Harry Kane is already starting to knock down Shearer’s records for goals in a calendar year and goals in a month, and he has publicly said that he has his sites on the big one. Given this desire, it would seem that Kane wants to stay in the league long term, and get that record he so desperately wants.

Kane is just 1 goal away from hitting 100 Premier League goals, and he has done so by the age of 24. Given that most strikers don’t hit their peak until the age of 26/27/28, that gives the Spurs man ample time to go on and beat the record.

Kane’s style of player looks like Shearer’s, a bullying center forward who can score goals from anywhere and with the ability to make something from nothing, Kane doesn’t look like he will ever hit a dry patch.

The final argument for why Kane will hit the record and move past it, is that he is playing in a team where he is the star man, everything goes to him or through him at Spurs, and that suits him to a tee. Kane is a Spurs fan, and the prized asset of the club which means they’ll do everything in their power to keep him happy, a happy Kane, means a Harry Kane who wants to score at every opportunity. 

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