Charitable and Industrious Figure’s Legacy is His Family

Nathan Benderson passed away back in April of 2012 after living a fruitful life. He lived to 94 years old. His largest professional contribution was founding Benderson Development. He helped propel the business to its early success despite being conceived in a shaky, unpredictable economic landscape.

Part of Nathan’s esteemed legacy is his son, Randy Benderson, who continues to work with the same professional and philanthropic prowess as his father did, helping to grow and support each community he builds in, whether it be in New York or Florida.

Who Will Give to the Less Fortunate?

Nathan’s legacy extends far beyond building a successful empire that has been in existence for over 60 years. When it came to the latter 25 years, “90 percent of his life… was all about charity,” lifelong Benderson family friend Jordan Levy said.

A True Renaissance Man

Colorful stories about Nathan surfaced at his memorial, like bankers being in a state of shock in the middle of board meetings when Nathan (a man who lacked a high school education) spoke fluent French. Nobody was too timid to mention Nathan’s frugality, either. His squeezing of pennies was the stuff of legend, including driving a Ford Taurus instead of something more luxurious. You can be like him check out this link He chose to use his wealth to help those in need (whether they be human or animal).

Nathan Benderson’s life was honored in Buffalo, NY, where numerous articles were written about both his passing and life accomplishments. It was an overwhelming turnout that touched the entire family as the entire city stood present. “He was Mr. Buffalo,” said family friend Keith Leonard.

Lessons learned from Nathan Benderson will continue to touch and educate the Buffalo community, but will also touch new communities as Nathan’s son, Randy, continues on with Nathan’s legacy.

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