Charles Nucci: The Real Rewards from Being a Photographer

There are many worthy professions. Some provide great benefits to large amounts of people, others generate great wealth, while others can provide you with lots of esteem and respect. Having a career that fits into any one of these categories means you’re lucky. Having a career that fits into two or more of these categories means that you’re blessed. Even with this being true the best profession to have is one based upon your love of something.

Those of us who are capable of having a profession based upon our creative skills, are perhaps the luckiest people in the world. One of those skills, photography, offers amazing rewards to those like Charles Nucci who are lucky enough to call it their profession. Here’s a list of some of those Rewards.

A different way to see the world

The job of a photographer is to pay attention to things going on in the world. A photographer must notice the small details; the direction of a breeze, the shade of an elm tree, the color combinations of a little girls dress and hat, the perfect curves of a sports car. The photographer makes his living and his mark by focusing on those things that most of us never see. They pay attention and observe in a heightened way and as a result having experience in a relationship with things that the average person will never achieve nor understand. When you see a fantastic picture of a streetcar in San Francisco, or a young boy picking cherry blossoms outside of Tokyo, you can tell that the photographer took the picture is seeing the world in a completely different and richer way.

A chance to document history

Throughout recent history, wherever they has been something important happening, there has been a photographer memorializing it in pictures. Photographers play a crucial role and telling what is happened, why, and who was involved. This documenting of history is not always grand history that affects everyone. It can be something as simple or intimate as a wedding, baby shower, or first kiss. When a picture captures the moment it crystallizes in time the emotions, people, landscape and feelings. When we revisit those pictures we are transported back in time to that moment with all of the elements related to that picture coming alive again.


Photographers get the chance to go to fun and exciting places. This might be the Mountaintop, a beautiful beach, or the busiest of cities. They also get the chance to travel to places that might be hard to look at, but need to be brought into the public eye. Places like and overflowing landfill, an African village with no water, previously frozen parts of Antarctica, and the funeral of a Teenage gang member, all need to be shown so that we can be reminded of the totality of things that are happening in our world. Photographers reach out to all of these places so that they can be document it and their stories shared with the rest of us.

These are only a short list of the wonderful Rewards photographers receive. They are lucky bunch and are as important as any other professional in our lives.

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