Chef aprons — mixing practicality and statement

You might opt for the classic, black apron when you choose chef aprons. That would be a shame. The possibilities are many, both when it comes to style and functionality, giving you the perfect opportunity to mix high performance and stylistic boldness in your kitchen

The apron is a hard must-have in the professional kitchen. When service is on, there is no time to think about keeping the clothes out of the mix of staff, plates and food being juggled around in the kitchen. Quickly being able to wipe your fingers in the apron, is an option many chefs can’t be without.

That also means, that aprons are being washed every day, no exception. For the aprons to stay presentable and without the dingy look of over washed, low quality fabric, the quality of the aprons has to be of a certain standard.

Chef aprons are a key practical component of every professional kitchen. But as well as the chef coats, the aprons are also a statement for the restaurant. A classic choice is the black apron, but there are many other ways to go, making aprons an opportunity to mix style and brand statement with the required practicality.

Functional folding

Find a chef apparel which offers aprons that have the possibility of folding, from having a full apron with a neck strap, to the waiter-style apron only covering the waist down. You might also opt for a chef apron with a barista strap for extra practicality. The folded apron varieties are easy to use and adjust, no matter what station the chef is working at, and can often be adjusted by the neck and back for extra fitting and comfort for the chef using it. Find adjustable, foldable chef aprons at

Many aprons also have several neatly placed pockets, making it easy to carry a notepad, phone or keys.

Never a dull moment aprons

If you want to mix up the style of the restaurant, or you have a distinct branding of the kitchen, choosing an apron to accompany this can be a good idea. Instead of going for the classic, black apron, instead you can opt for red, yellow, blue or even orange. Colored aprons come in different styles and lengths, making it possible to find just the right apron for your chefs, that combine high functionality, high quality and the distinct and unique style of your restaurant.


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