Chelsea: The Romantic Return for Romelu

The West London club is flying high now, answering every challenge they have had placed in front of them. Under the Blue’s new manager, Chelsea has won both the Champions League and the Super Cup, promising good things for the season ahead in which they will be eyeing up the domestic league trophy too. One star man who could prove vital in guiding the club to glory is Romelu Lukaku, who made his debut return to Stamford Bridge on Sunday. It proved to be the perfect start for the Belgian who managed to bag a goal, instantly providing Chelsea with a return on their investment.

Chelsea played Arsenal at the Emirates, and some thought that Arsenal might have a good chance given their home advantage and a desire to win after last week’s shocking performance against Brentford. These hopes were immediately dashed though, as the star striker managed to score a tap-in within 15 minutes of the game starting. The lethality and efficiency of Lukaku were demonstrated in this goal – Lukaku acted as a target man and held up the ball superbly before rushing into the box and scoring, shrugging off Pablo Mari in the process. Lukaku is widely known for his impressive physique and on the day, the Arsenal defence simply did not have an answer for the raw strength exhibited from the forward.

For Lukaku, returning to Chelsea seems to be a dream come true. Many will know that he had already had a spell at the club, but he never found his footing. In fact, he did not score in 15 appearances during his last tenure at Chelsea, prompting the club to let him go. After loan spells and transfers to a range of clubs though, Lukaku is a different player. He is hungry and eager to prove the doubters wrong – a perfect combination that will likely result in goals for Chelsea. Given his history, he indeed does have something to prove at Chelsea, and Lukaku will seek to make the same difference to the club that he did last season with Inter as he managed to guide the Italian side to domestic glory.

Chelsea fans will be grinning from ear-to-ear following Sunday’s performance. On the day, the crowd could he beard chanting Lukaku’s name, showing the respect he has earned already. The victory comes after a string of wins and Chelsea is looking to be a genuinely strong side, and the likes of Manchester City and Liverpool will already be strategically planning for their matchups with the Blues. Chelsea stands at 11/4 to win the league and those not in places like Alabama, the information is available here, will enjoy backing the team.

Lukaku seems to have come at the perfect time too. Chelsea has infamously struggled with scoring goals ever since the efficient machine Diego Costa left the club. The likes of Giroud, Higuain, Abraham and Werner have tried to fill that spot, to varying success, The Belgian forward though is a goal-scoring powerhouse, and if he stays in form, Chelsea fans can look forward to a great season.

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