Common Causes of Conflicts at the End of an Office Space Lease

You want to quickly move out of your current office space into the new place, but it is not that easy. You still need to hash out some details with your current landlord to ensure that you can move out without any problem. It is possible for you to have some conflicts, but you can also avoid them. To avoid such conflicts, you can go for flexible co-working spaces. You can use this link to check out flexible workspaces with built-in amenities and the latest technologies to motivate professionals.

Last-minute notice


You only decide that you are not renewing the lease a few weeks before you move out. Once your lease is over, you do not intend to continue paying the landlord anymore. However, your contract includes the time when you need to inform the landlord about your decision. Usually, you need to notify a few months ahead. The landlord also needs to find someone else to rent the office space. Failure to provide the required advance notice could lead to possible conflicts. You can have a look at 여긴어때 as your next office site.

Return of deposit


When you started renting the space, you gave an amount which served as the deposit or bond. Once you decide to move out, the landlord needs to check the place and hand you back the amount that you gave. If you do not get the money back or the money is not intact upon return, it could cause some conflicts. Therefore, you need to go back to your contract to determine when the landlord needs to return the money and under what circumstances it is okay to deduct a certain amount from it for whatever purpose.

Inspection of the office


From the deposit you gave, the landlord has the right to deduct an amount necessary for repairs and other maintenance issues. Therefore, it is crucial to take care of these problems before leaving. If there are items that need fixing, you need someone to come over and fix them. However, avoid making significant changes since it requires the permission of your landlord. The reason for going through the process yourself is that you can decide who will do the repairs and even negotiate the cost. If your landlord does it, you might get charged a lot more.

It also helps if you ask a cleaning service company like to come over and clean the place. You want it to look the same as it was when you first rented it. If the site is messy, your landlord also has the right to ask someone to clean it up and deduct the cost from your bond. You would rather deal with it yourself so you can choose the cleaning service company and get the best price for duct cleaning.

Your landlord allowed you to rent the space for a while. Clean it up and organize it well before you leave; you can hire a commercial cleaning company to do the job. For outdoor areas such as garden spaces, consider reaching out to a garden jet wash service near me, which can assist in thoroughly cleaning and sprucing up outdoor areas. And if you want to construct a beautiful garden in your home, then you may consider getting help from professionals from sites like

Clear all documents and settle all financial problems. You want to start a new chapter with your employees in a new office without any issues; otherwise, it could interrupt future operations at work. You should end your partnership with your landlord on a positive note.

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