Creating the perfect ‘she-shed’ for your garden

More often than not, a typical garden shed, much like a concrete garage, can visually be unappealing, lack a lot of personality and house tools, sports and garden equipment that wouldn’t be seen anywhere near the home. But all that has started to change, with many homeowners up and down the country deciding that they are bored with their bog-standard garden shed, taking on new projects to breathe some life into their tired sheds through design services.

To do this, a lot of people have realised that a garden shed, like a concrete garage, can be converted into an extra living space that can be used as a place to relax and carry out hobbies and interests. These new sheds have been called ‘she-sheds,’ but do not be put off by the name, as these are being used by both men and women. But what are they used for?

She-sheds can be used for a range of things, you can look at this business and ask an expert how she-sheds can be beneficial all year round. So as it is winter, you can start to plan your future shed, ready for the warmer months. Here’s our top things that you could turn your shed into this spring:

  • A home office
  • Yoga studio or small gym
  • Reading and relaxing area
  • An extra living space – perfect for entertaining guests
  • Art and craft studio
  • Garden space

According to the Power Aggregates website, she-sheds differ a lot with ordinary garden sheds as they are decorated both internally and externally, with most having windows, electricity and heating. This option is also becoming popular in concrete garages too, with many homeowners looking to convert forgotten areas of their home instead of moving. The cost of a shed and garage conversion can vary massively, so make sure you set a budget before contacting a local business.

To complete the interior of your new she-shed, we have prepared these fantastic touches that will completely transform your shed into a living space you’ll never want to leave:

  • A coat of paint – ideally light in colour – to open up the small space
  • Comfortable seating such as a bench, small sofa or stone benchtops
  • A desk or work table with a comfortable stool or chair so you can work away for hours
  • Indoor lighting to complement the space
  • Food and drink area, especially if you are using your garden shed as an entertainment space
  • Shelves for storage to keep it clutter free
  • Home Heating Stoves that you can use during the winter

Meanwhile, the exterior of your new she-shed will also need sprucing up a bit to match your new interior. These ideas will make your garden shed look aesthetically pleasing to the eye:

  • Landscaping around the shed; you will need landscaping supplies.
  • Outdoor lighting to show off your new living area, as well as a great way to deter potential thieves
  • You can buy a lawn mower that propels itself for easier use.
  • Add some hdpe furniture made from high-quality hdpe sheets outside of the shed, which is ideal in the summer months as a place to relax
  • Windows and skylights for natural light – this will make your small space feel much bigger
  • French or bi-folding doors – if you have the budget! They work amazingly well with small spaces and will allow you to open up to the garden, making the room feel so much bigger

For your garage, inspect if your doors are still in good condition. This is one of the most overlooked tasks. If not, you can also get a garage door repair along with all those exterior improvements.

If you are looking for home improvements this year, converting your garden shed is the perfect way to extend living space without having to move home. Make sure you set a budget before you start this process, it’s easy to get carried away and face a real bill at the end of it. Most concrete garage specialists in the local area will be able to help with your she-shed dreams, so what are you waiting for?

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