David Gordon Fried’s Event Planning Tips

If you’ve been asked to plan an upcoming event, which is set to take place in New York City, David Gordon Fried thinks you should continue reading to discover a few handy event planning tips, which will help ensure that your event runs as smoothly as possible. So that you’ll be able to impress your important guests.

Event planning tips for New York based events:

1. Consider hosting your event at one of New York’s world-class museum

If you’re looking for a unique venue which will be sure to wow your event’s guests, it’s definitely worth considering hosting your event at one of New York’s world-class museums. Many of which offer, function rooms which you can hire out in order to host large-scale events such as galas and balls. While some museums may allow you to host an event in a public space such as a large foyer. From which you may be able to give your guests a glimpse of some of the current exhibitions on offer.

2. Make sure to sample food from each caterer who you’ve shortlisted

When it comes to picking an event catering services, it’s well worth ensuring that you sample food from each of the caterers who you’ve decided to add to your shortlist. For instance, when selecting a sushi catering company, try food from each catering company you’re interested in and select the company who offers the tastiest food.

3. Choose a color scheme which suits your event

Make sure to choose a color scheme which suits your event. As an example, if you are sold on the idea of hosting a black-tie gala at a prestigious museum in New York, you may want to consider opting for a classic bland and silver color scheme. Which oozes class and sophistication. Alternatively, if you plan on organizing an event for a charitable organization, you may want to consider choosing a color scheme which matches your organization’s color scheme.

4. Be careful when it comes to hiring entertainers for your event

If you’re planning on hiring entertainers for your event, make sure to hire entertainers who have an established reputation. As an example, if you plan on hiring a professional MC for your event or a professional band, it pays to do your research first and to choose an entertainer or entertainers who boast plenty of positive reviews and testimonials.

As the last thing you’ll want to do is to hire entertainers who are unable to provide the level of professionalism which your upcoming event requires. After all, if your guest list includes professionals such as an investment broker, a doctor, an attorney and a full-time philanthropist, you’ll want to ensure that your event goes as smoothly as is possible. Make sure you hire an event security services company so that guests feel safe and comfortable at all times. 

So if you’re currently in charge of organizing a large scale, New York based event such as a gala or ball, it’s well worth referring back to the four handy tips listed above in order to pull off a fun-filled, professionally run event, which your guests will love.

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