Do These 3 Things to Cut Heating Costs in a Canadian Winter

Winter is back, and it’s striking hard this year.  With temperatures in the negatives for weeks on end and snow piling up everywhere- we all must start to think about how to keep our home as warm as possible. Consider gas furnace maintenance in Lancaster, TX to keep your home at a comfortable, warm temperature this winter.

Whether you’re new to the area or you’re worried about bills this year in particular, these are the three things everyone should do to cut heating costs in this chilly Canadian winter.

Why Canadian Winters Have a Bad Rep

Although Winnipeg has a reputation for the coldest winter weather of any major Canadian city, every city in this country is plagued with colder temperatures and snow once we get through December.  Because of that, Canada is known worldwide for its icy winters; this is so bad that property costs for Calgary homes for sale go down in the winter because people don’t want to move and be out in this cold.

Thankfully our homes don’t have to let this cold in: but it can be unfortunately expensive to pay for. These are the things anyone can do to heat their property up a little more.

Keep Windows Covered As Much As Possible

Even if your windows aren’t leaking, glass is the thinnest part of any exterior wall, has no insulation, and doesn’t block in as much warmth as we’d like.  In the same way, you should cover your windows in the summer when the sun is streaming right in; in the winter, cover your windows as much as possible unless sunlight is directly on them.  This will keep the cold from seeping in and will stop you from feeling like you’re freezing to some degree.

Check Windows and Doors for Any Air Leaks

The largest culprits for colder homes are leaking windows and doors.  These leaks don’t have to be from giant gaps in the doors or windows; even slight drafts can be bad enough to boost your energy bill by dozens of dollars a month.

To check for leaks, carry a lit candle from room to room, walking in front of windows and doors.  Hold it around the entire frame to check, careful not to let the flame come into contact with door frames or cloth.  If the flame flickers strongly towards or away from any window or door frame: this is the one that’s leaking. You can apply a temporary sealant and then go back in the spring when there’s better weather and replace these windows or better fit their frames.

Install a Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat is the popular fix of recent years because it means you can have complete control of your home’s temperatures regardless of where you are in the world.  This allows you to drop the temperature while you’re out so that you don’t have to pay for full heat all the time, and can instead enjoy it when you’re at home, a game changer if your home is empty due to you being at work, or at school, often. However if your ac unit blowing hot air, the best solution is to call a professional heating installation like 7 Services Inc, Heating installation and maintenance service to examine the unit. For affordable HVAC solutions, seek immediate help from an experienced contractors at One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning or Brooks Heating and Air for Heat Pumps.

Everyone Deserves to Stay Warm

Whether you’re struggling to stay toasty in a one-bedroom apartment, or you’re trying to heat a two-story home, you must do everything you can to ensure you’re warm first and then figure out bills after. You may consult with an honest furnace repair company in the PDX area or a professional HVAC repair specialist like Performance Air Conditioning of Texas. Keeping warm will keep you alive, which is more important than any energy bill. And if you need Air Conditioning System Repairs, make sure to contact a professional hvac repair specialist that provides furnace repair like Epic Electric, Heating, Cooling & Plumbing.

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