Dock Square Parking Garage The Minimum Requirements for a Garage

Working in Boston has its challenges and none more so than when it comes to parking your car. I work right in the hearty of the city and as much as I would love to remove this option and take public transport, given the amount of meetings that I drive to on many days I simply cannot do it. I spent years looking mourned for the best parking garage when finally I found the guys at Dock Square Parking Garage, a team of great guys who offer everything that someone would need in a parking garage. If you have a parking lot in your business, you may need to get in touch with a parking lot paving company and an asphalt sealcoating contractor who can provide professional asphalt services to improve its functionality and upgrade the aesthetics of your asphalt driveway.


Security is the number one thing that you should expect in a parking garage and you must ensure that wherever you will be leaving your vehicle, that you can be safe in the knowledge that nothing will happen to it. Some of the parking garages here in Boston have an awful reputation when it comes to this and there have been stories of vandalism, accidental damage, theft of belongings and in some cases even theft of the actual vehicle. When it comes to your door, figure if Should you repair or replace your garage door? If you’re looking to replace your garage door or get a new one, check out this professional commercial garage door company. You can find more info if you use this link. If you need a garage door parts guide, just visit this site:

Reasonable Pricing

The general rule of thumb when it comes to the cost of parking your car is that short stay will cots a little more per hour than long stay will, and that the price should be competitive and reasonable. What some of the garages here in Boston are trying to charge is astronomical and in many cases it is because they do not have competition, thus holding a monopoly in that area of the city. However, one must visit website of different garage solutions’ agencies to find the best pricing. Each city will differ in its prices but try to take a rough average of parking prices across the city, and then find one which is reasonable and that has a good reputation.


Aside from having proper Car Park Markings, Dock Square also offers a car washing service and a valet service which you can take advantage of whilst your car is parked, a nice extra which many people use. Something else which they have introduced which I think is a brilliant idea for people like myself is a loyalty reward scheme which can help you to save money the more that you park there. You can get additional info on this here and things like this are what set Dock Square apart from the rest and it is why people like myself keep on going back.


Although this is a service that you are paying for you don’t necessarily need to expect a great time of happy and welcoming staff. With that being said it is nice to have staff like this, who will greet you with a smile and who will help in any way that you can. Consider this an extra rather than a requirement, but if you can find it then it really does improve the experience. If you need professional parking lot services in RI, visit now.

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