EaseUS – Easy Recovery of Your Lost Data for Free

It’s a disastrous situation when your computer is totally crashed and your operating system is not being loaded. However, today you can overcome such a situation with a wonderful software tool named EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. This tool can be propelled from bootable media and it will recover your data you otherwise couldn’t have accessed.

Recovering Data Deleted from Recycle Bin and During Hard Drive Reformatting

If accidentally your files have been deleted, even from the recycle bin, EaseUS free data recovery software can retrieve 100% of your documents, images, audios and videos with its quick scan function within a few seconds.

And if your data has been deleted during the reformatting of your hard drive, EaseUS offers an impressive performance. Reformatting is more complicated because it removes and substitutes a file system of the drive. However, EaseUS scan and recovers most of the lost data, and 100% image files. It also recovers most of the other data, such as around 91% of audio and video files and around 96% of document files.

Easy for Anyone

Whether you are a computer savvy or have never used a software tool, you can use EaseUS very easily. It takes just a few clicks to retrieve the lost data.

Upon launching the application, you can first see the hard drives available for recovery. You can start the scan with just one button. Just choose your drive, click the button and recovery process starts at once. It differs from other systems in that you need not select a setting such as a deep scan, a quick scan or a specialized scan.

It starts with a quick scan. If it finds no files, it automatically starts a deep scan. This feature is extremely time-saving and streamlined, in addition to being thorough. It’s a different thing that those who want a control over the process, this may be a little problematic. However, you can pause the scanning process and can return to it later.

Easy Recovery

The found data is displayed in the form of a simple file tree format which you can check with the help of a few viewing options. There is an Export button next to the Finished progress bar which you can hit upon completing the scan and your scan results will be saved and you can later continue recovery.

There is also a Preview button that allows you to view files to check if the file in question is just the one you want and if it’s undamaged. Tick the squares adjacent to files or folders or entire partitions you want to save to restore files and hit the Recover button which allows you to choose where you want to save those files on your computer. Contact IT Support Manchester for more information and quick assistance.

If you are a customer of the recovery software EaseUS, you can get technical support through email, phone or live chat.

So, henceforth you need not worry about your lost data as you can easily recover it with EaseUS!

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