Easy Ways to Care for Your Home’s Wood Flooring

Thanks to moderate climate, opting for wood flooring in Vancouver is not a hassle at all. It can actually be a solid option as hardwood floors, such as timber flooring, do a good job of making any space look warmer and cozier during the wet months, and refreshing during the warm months.

Wood is a versatile choice but it still requires some maintenance floor cleaning. Fret not, however, as you don’t have to go to extreme lengths to care for your wood flooring. In fact, there are a few great techniques in doing so that won’t make you break a sweat.

How do you care for your wood flooring with ease? Here are some tips:

Keep Scratchy Things Out

The first thing that most homeowners have to know about just about any flooring material is that they can get scratched. This is why you have to watch out for the pointy things that can get in contact with your floor.

For a hardwood flooring installation, it’s best not to walk in it while wearing stiletto heels. If you have pets, you should also keep their nails trimmed regularly so they won’t use your wood floors to file them down; pet friendly floors is highly recommended if you live with more than one pet. Attaching felt pads to the bottom of your furniture legs is also a must. Using doormats is also ideal, so the dirt, grime, and other debris can be removed.

Some homeowners go to the extreme of banning wearing shoes on hardwood floors altogether. This way, you can also keep out salt and rocks that are stuck on the bottom of your shoes. Just have a few indoor slippers by the door and this might just be the easiest way to keep your wood floors in perfect shape. You can also use skirting boards to hide uneven or rugged floor or wall edges, order your skirting boards online here.

Ditch the Floor Polish

Lots of homeowners love shiny hardwood floors. Unfortunately, the products that you might be using to achieve your floor’s luster can be damaging. Apparently, they can contain additives that can cause a buildup on the top layer of your wood flooring. This can cause deterioration and scratch the wood’s surface, so it’s best to just avoid them altogether. A simple vacuum cleaner will be sufficient to keep the floor clean and hygienic. This buying guide will help you on the best vacuum cleaners one can use on hardwood floors.

What you should use instead are pH-balanced options. There are specialized products that are designed specifically for the job. You can also create your own cleaner using a tablespoon of distilled vinegar mixed with a gallon of water.

Sweep Daily or Dust Mop at Least Twice a Week

It’s important to not let dirt and dust get embedded into your wood floors. So to avoid this, you should regularly sweep your floors. A daily sweep is recommended, but if you don’t have time for that, you can also opt to vacuum or use a dust mop twice a week.

Watch Out for the Weather

A drawback of having hardwood floors is that they react to the changes in the environment. As Vancouver tends to experience constant weather changes, the best way to keep your wood flooring in a good condition is to keep your home cool.

Hire a Maintenance Expert

If you want your wood flooring to last a long time, you should also consider hiring professionals on hardwood floor installation to take care of the maintenance. They can give your floors a nice deep cleaning that you might not be able to do on your own. They might even be able to salvage some damaged planks or stained spots.

The best part? All you really have to do is call them in and they’ll do the dirty work for you. It’s certainly the easiest technique to keep your wood flooring in prime shape.

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