Effective Ways That You Can Quit Smoking

As an ex-smoker I can honestly say that quitting smoking was the hardest thing I have ever done, I am not going to sit here and extoll the virtues of a non-smoker, nor will I remind you of what you already know about the numerous dangers that smoking poses to your health, because you already know that. I was already aware that I was killing myself for next to no benefits, I was aware that I smelled bad, I was aware that my fingers were a little yellow, my teeth were the same and my crow’s feet were as a result of the toxic cigarette, but that didn’t stop me. What stopped me from smoking was actually the amount of money I was spending, it simply had to stop. You will reach your trigger, the moment when you simply know you must stop and when you do, here are the best courses of action and if you need extra help, consultant.rehab specializes in opening rehab centers and you can find a lot of information at their website.



If you simply cannot stop or don’t want to lose the sensation of smoking then e-cigs can save your day. They are vaporesso mods australia that give you the nicotine that you need but without all of the harmful chemicals that come along with a cigarette. Products like Myle Vape Dubai and glass hookahs not only replicate the act of smoking but also give you the same sensation, they won’t cure your nicotine addiction but they are a damn sight more safe than the cancer sticks themselves. If you’re planning on switching to vaping, you can head over to Vapor Chasers for the best vape products.

There are plenty on the market in all shapes sizes and strengths, not only that they are also a hell of a lot cheaper than cigarettes, you can even get 10% discount here to save you a little more money when you convert to e-cigs.


One of the oldest quit smoking techniques, I must be honest, they never worked for me but I know plenty of people who had great success from nicotine patch programs. These are basically patches that you put on your arm when you stop smoking, they slowly release nicotine into your body so that you have less cravings, as the weeks progress you reduce the strength of the patches and wean your body off the nicotine. I found them to be itchy and failed to replace my need to have a cigarette in my hand, give them a go though because they have a great success rate.


This was how I eventually kicked the habit, with a miraculous tablet called Champix, you take the tablets daily whilst smoking for 2 weeks, the tablets train your brain during this time to dislike the cigarettes and when you quit after the fortnight, the cigarettes genuinely change in taste and to be honest, I couldn’t wait to quit. You continue the tablets for around 2 months afterwards and then you stop and continue your smoke-free life. I had some crazy dreams with these tablets but ultimately they helped me to do what no other remedy did and that was to stop smoking for good. 

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