Eric Wetlaufer – Telltale Signs That You Are Checking Out of a Relationship

Breaking up a relationship is something that causes a great deal of sadness and difficulty for all parties involved and if you have decided that the time has come to break up, it is always better that you do so sooner rather than later. If you need some kind of support after a breakup, you can take a breakup recovery course to help you move forward. 

I have recently watched my best friend from Wesson Eric Wertalufer and his break up from his partner of 5 years and I have to confess, I did see it coming. You see there are some signs that you can see when someone is beginning to check out of a relationship and it is important that you are frank and honest with yourself when this starts to happen.

Wandering Eye

Fidelity is something that must always be upheld and even those people like Eric who would never do something to intentionally hurt their partner, the eye can begin to wander when you have doubts about your own relationship. In the case of Eric it was never about looking elsewhere but more of a pandering about what there may be out there for him, and whether or not he would be better elsewhere. Eric has always declined even the slightest mention of other women, something which did change a little towards the end of the relationship.


We all have our little foibles and character flaws which the other party must get used to and put up with and in a happy relationship this is very easily done. In cases where a relationship is failing however these small quirks become something that greatly annoys the other person and we do begin to feel frustrated and annoyed by the slightest thing that our partner does. Usually these are the triggers which start an argument and usually this is the beginning of the end.


In the past Eric and his partner used to talk all of the time, constantly discussing what was going on, any plans which they had and regularly talking about themselves personally. As the relationship began to check out however the lines of communication broke down too, at one point they were sending each other lengthy emails about what they were frustrated about, a far cry from the cute messages they once sent to one another.

No Time

Eric and his partner were always in each other’s company and whether we went for a meal, a football game or just a few beers, you could count on them coming together. As the end heard however it was clear that they didn’t want to spend time with each other and that meant that they would very often do things on their own. There is nothing wrong with doing things alone of course but when you change so drastically from being together to wishing to be alone, it is certain sign that things may not be very good.

Keep an eye out for these signs and take action if you see any of them.

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