Essential Factors to Consider when Choosing the Right Dining Table

A dining table can indeed be the focal point of your dining room furniture. Whether you are looking for a formal type of dining table or casual Wicker Tables perfect for regular family gatherings, you need to choose a dining table that fits its purpose ‘to a T,’ as they say. But what essential factors should you consider when choosing a dining table? Let’s find out.

Room and space measurements

It’s vital that you take measurements of the room where the dining table will be placed first. Do this before you even browse on the Internet or visit the shops. What’s the use of buying the perfect dining table if it can’t even fit properly into your dining room?

There are some important points you have to think about when assessing if the table will fit into the available space. For instance, it should be of the right size – enough so that diners can still sit down comfortably and draw out the chairs. Yet another consideration regarding space is how comfortably diners can move around the table’s sides. Ideally, diners should be able to move around the sides of the table without bumping against the walls or knocking things over. As a guide, look for a space gap of about 81cm for diners to stand up or sit. If the diners will be moving around behind the dining table’s chairs, then you would need a gap of about 97cm. When taking measurements for the dining table, you also have to take other elements into account, such as furniture or cupboards. If there is any furniture that can impede the space around the dining table, you need to measure from that piece of furniture rather than from the wall.

The shape of the dining table

When thinking about the right shape for your dining table, remember that the shape you choose can also be affected by the room’s size. Oval-shaped or round dining tables are more ideal for smaller spaces, as they don’t have any corners. Also, if you have a round dining table, guests can easily slide their chairs. If you have a larger dining room space, a rectangular or square-shaped dining table would be ideal. If you also want to spice up your dining experience, you can opt for cheap outdoor dining sets.

It would also be wise to think about the overall aesthetic design of the room in regards to the table. For instance, a square-shaped room would do better with a square dining table, whilst a rectangular-shaped room would be complemented by a rectangular dining table, especially an industrial dining table that is both beautiful and practical for most contemporary dining areas. However, it’s also important to note that some rectangular-shaped rooms can benefit from an oval or even octagonal dining table, which gives it a unique look and appeal.

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