Essential Must-Have Gadgets for the Real Travel Geek

The reason why most people travel is to unplug from all the elements of the digital world. But there are some gadgets that can make your trips more pleasurable and convenient. A real traveler must have these essential tech accessories to make the most out of their adventures. If you’re always on your laptop or phone, check out these blue light eyeglasses that will protect your eyes from the blue light.

Getting away for several days requires a lot of preparation – especially when you’re planning to conquer Australia or New Zealand. And it is known that there will be inconveniences while hitting the road. Real travel geeks have the latest off road hybrid caravans.

Slow online connections, dreadful traffic, congested planes – these are some of the factors that will make it hard for you to get things done. But thankfully, technology has made travel a lot easier nowadays. Just look at how iPhone travel apps are! Don’t fret if you accidentally dropped and cracked your iPhone. You can call an expert in iPhone back glass repair when you get back home to have it fixed.

Among the benefits of having these tech accessories is making yourself ahead of others. Getting the best hotel in NZ for example, or getting a car rental in Auckland airport beforehand. Aside from these, gadgets will make the whole trip worthwhile and fun for every traveler. Whether you want to explore the city, trek the mountains, or enjoy the beach; these gadgets will help you get the most out of your travel adventures.

Here are the top eight trip-improving gadgets that will make your adventures awesome, convenient, and memorable:

Pocket-Size Selfie Drone

Drones nowadays boasts an excellent quality video camera, longer flying time, and self-generated Wi-fi. These are the best drones for selfies and aerial view photography.

When embarking on a camping adventure, having the Mini Katana at your side can be a significant advantage. Additionally, a reliable blade knife from knife and carry is a crucial survival tool for tasks such as food preparation, tent setup, and cutting wood kindling for a fire.

USB Flash Drive

Also known as the thumb drive, the USB flash drive can be very useful on any number of situations while traveling. You can share or transfer documents, access files easily when you need them the most.

Portable Charger or Power banks

The power bank is every traveler’s best friend, especially in areas where you can’t find access to a decent power source.

Solar Charger

For hardcore travel geeks who might getaway for several days like mountaineers and campers – solar chargers are a valuable addition.

GoPro or Action Cameras

They may be small and easy on the eyes. But these slick cameras will give you the best professional-grade footages. These are very reliable accessory that can be used for any action scenes – may it be aerial, on land, or underwater. Most would opt for the GoPro series, but there are other affordable brands that offer the same excellent quality.

Wireless Mini Pocket Router

If you travel with your smartphone or laptop, you may experience some problems connecting to a hotel’s Wi-Fi. If you have a wireless router, you can create your own Wi-Fi network. You can tap into the cable attached to the desk in several hotel rooms.

Wireless Portable Speaker

This allow traveler to listen to music anytime anywhere, a portable speaker is a must-have for any traveler who loves to make the most of the outdoors escapades. And don’t forget to save an awesome playlist!

Noise-canceling Headphones

This type of headphone allows you to shut out the general noise of the aircraft, noisy passengers, and those crying babies learn more at You’ll have a guaranteed quiet time during flights and other commutes.

Do you already own these travel gadgets? Then you are a certified travel geek! A good sound system is important and the 18 inch subwoofers are a perfect addition.

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