Essential Pieces of Equipment for Your Home Office

Working from home can be highly desirable. Not only do you get to save money on commuting, you also don’t have to worry about turning up late due to heavy traffic or getting soaked in bad weather. So if you have the option and space to set up a home office, here’s a guide to the essential equipment you may need and some other ways to save removing hardware and using online services like eGoldfax, eGoldFax is abetter way than email.


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A Desk and Chair

An obvious one to start with I’m sure, but the benefits of having a purpose built desk will soon pay for itself. Sure you can sit at the table in the kitchen, but that’s meant for eating from, not working. An office desk should be at the right height to work at, and as such many have adjustable feet to set it at the height suitable for you just like the Sit stand desk. Most computer desks for gaming would be a great starting pick. Choosing a chair is just as important. Your office chair should be fully adjustable to ensure you have a comfortable working posture. Using anything else could mean you end up with repetitive strain injury (RSI), something you do not want!


Next you need something to work with. A computer fits the bill here, either a desktop or a laptop. Both have their advantages. If you work from home all the time, then a desktop (or tower system) will be a better solution. Desktops offer a more powerful solution to computing, with faster processors and more memory. You can also change parts when needed, for example, a larger monitor or upgrading an internal part. Then, you can also connect it to a monitor with HDMI 2.1 for better resolution. It’s also important to make sure you have a nice keyboard, mouse, and mousepad to come with it. Here’s a link to the best mouse pads with wrist support. Have also a contact in computer technical service such as managed IT services especially if you will need repairs. You can visit website for more details about computer repair and support.

Make sure also that you know things like como sacar pantallazo, reset your pc, clear browsing history and many more, so you can manage to use your computer and its features well.

Laptops on the other hand, offer the versatility of being able to work anywhere. This makes laptops suitable if you are swapping from working at home to commuting. Although you can plug in a separate larger monitor and keyboard when at home, as this will provide a more comfortable working posture. You may consult a business computer services company to find a computer system that better suites your business needs.

External Hard Drive

An external hard drive will provide a source to back-up your data. If your main hard drive suffers a failure or virus, all your work will then be retrievable. Computer systems such as Apple Macs can automatically back-up your data on separate drives, or even on the internet using one of the many cloud sites. If you use a desktop at home and at work, then portable hard drives can be used to transfer your work across should you not have internet access at home.


Printers come in a large range of sizes and configurations. Some even offer the ability to scan and fax information as well as print documents. Hewlett-Packard are a popular manufacturer and HP parts are readily available online. Having an all-in-one printer means you don’t need a separate scanner, as you never know when you might need to copy and email a document.

Separate Telephone Line

If you are running a business from home, it may be wise to set up a separate telephone line. Not only does this mean you can keep your work and home life apart, it also removes the possibility of family members answering important phone calls. If you value your rest time on an evening then you can simply switch on the answering machine and shut the door.

Working at home can be very productive and cost effective, though you will need to be disciplined so as not to have too many breaks!

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