Everything You Need to Know About Employee Monitoring Software

To keep a constant track on every keystroke entered, social media websites accessed, and information exchange via emails, several IT departments are installing monitoring software at the workplace. However, there should be a limit to which an IT department can learn about you and your activities. Let us know more about to what extent can an organization gain access to personal and professional information of the employee.

How do companies monitor their employees in an organization?

According to Jon Apter (Ntiva) who is a Technical Operations Manager at IT provider company, small and medium level businesses do not actually use device monitoring software much. They implement device monitoring by way of mobile device management or email logging etc. A large section of companies does not even use it. Monitoring is mostly performed in those companies that have some compliance needs to be met. Law firms and medical organizations are the ones that have an efficient technology in place to track their employee’s actions.

How does monitoring is performed by these companies?

Monitoring of the employee’s behavior is carried out by this monitoring software. It is done to counteract any leak in the information. Alerts can be executed to locate keywords in an outgoing email, or to inform IT when specific files are opened etc. Most of the companies carry out monitoring activity for checking any information leak or wasting precious work time.

What are the common things that can be tracked by the monitoring system?

The main intention of computer monitoring work is divided into three categories which are content restriction, activity monitoring, and time management. To manage the activities performed on the company device, activity monitoring software is used. This software allows the IT department to check what an employee is doing on the screen at any given time and take snapshots of it periodically for performance assessment. It is important to let the employees know about it so that it conforms to the ethics of your company.

Employers can observe what websites are visited by the employees. If any find any unscrupulous website being accessed by their employees, then they even have the right to restrict its access by blocking it. There are a few common forms of monitoring software that can track idle time to learn about for what duration they have taken a break from work. This includes lunchtime too.

Email correspondence is the most important thing that needs to be evaluated. Both incoming and outgoing emails are subjected to prying eyes. This is done to ensure that no confidential information has got leaked at workplace. Keylogging software helps the IT department to check what are you writing to professional as well as personal contacts.


Based on what the company is looking for and the type of monitoring software used by them, IT techs are recording a lot of information pertaining to the activities of the employees. It offers several benefits to the company that includes enhancement of performance and business productivity.

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