Everything You Need to Know About Marketing Automation

Modern business organizations and their marketing teams have developed complex marketing processes that can sometimes be very difficult to manage and maintain. This is why they need automated marketing campaigns in order to stay on top of things. It allows companies to increase their productivity, tackle technical tasks more easily and create better marketing campaigns.

In fact, automation is widely applied for various digital operations, not just marketing. Today there are automation experts such as WorkFusion that offer intelligent automation solutions for various purposes.

Breaking down marketing automation

The term marketing automation usually denotes a software solution which has the power to automate processes, measure and streamline all marketing efforts including tasks and workflow. With marketing automation, a business can be more efficient with their marketing efforts and hence increase their revenue, becoming a more powerful marketing force in the process.

To put it bluntly, automation creates a platform which gives valuable features to marketers and helps them do their jobs easier.

Who needs marketing automation?

Anyone who is looking to improve their marketing efforts can benefit from marketing automation. Public libraries are also starting to use marketing automation platforms like patronpoint.com for effective promotion of their services to their communities. Still, there are a couple of indicators that can really show you whether or not you need it. It’s a useful tool if a business:

  • Is struggling to engage, track or determine who its buyers are.

  • Is unable to take care of its customers lists and manage them effectively, or have all the important customer information readily available.

  • Cannot determine which leads are its priority while considering the level of engagement and their real value.

  • Is unable to measure the marketing ROI and the marketing team cannot deliver adequate reports to their partners or employers.

  • Cannot handle all of the tasks mentioned with predetermined methodologies and organized processes.

How marketing automation improves various tasks


As we mentioned earlier, all important marketing tasks can be handled better with marketing automation. Here is how.

Measuring ROI

If you use a system through which all of your marketing efforts are created, data is inserted and where automation is employed, it’s possible to integrate it with a sales management system as well. With this kind of integration both the marketing team and the sales team can add information diligently and communicate between themselves more effectively.

This means that the reporting between them can be more effective. At the same time, marketing automation software usually comes with analytics tools which allow you to measure all of the tasks within your software. Some even allow automating ROI measurements for traditional marketing methods like using neon signage to attract attention and get customers through your door.

Retaining customers

Customer retention can be improved in various ways with marketing automation. A good example is to automate follow-up emails which are sent after customers have purchased something.

This is how you can learn whether or not they liked the products, what can be improved and show them that you care. Marketing automation can also be used for posting on social media in order to provide consistency, connect with people and engage them more often.



A lot of people think that automation means no personalization and vice versa. This is not true. Sending automated emails and text messages through an sms communications software doesn’t mean that they can’t be personalized. Automation can help you get important information more quickly, and you can use these insights to create more personalized campaigns that can have better effects.

Email marketing

Automation with emails allows you to create your audiences, add customized email options and send out emails at the predetermined time automatically. You can even create different versions for different dates or times of day to try and engage people more effectively.

Additionally, you can test different categorizations and methods, because automated emails allow you to track how receivers have used them and learn how to approach people in the most effective way.

Automating social media


Social media automation can help generate a lists automatically, or some phrases which show up in the content you’ve posted, created or that was shared by your customers. This is how you can notice trends and create better content that will have good engagement on social media.

Automation also allows you to see if someone linked your content or mentioned it on a social network. With automation, you can also find the best engagement times on our social networks and schedule activity during peak performing hours.

Any business looking to improve their marketing effectiveness should consider working with this houston marketing agency. This is especially true for big enterprises with large-scale marketing campaigns that involve a lot of people and resources.

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