Fashion Tips for Winter

It is that time of year again where we start wearing our warmest coats, and go out armed with umbrellas, hats and waterproofs, just because we never know what the weather will throw at us! However, just because it might be freezing cold outside, or blowing a gale, it doesn’t mean we have to give up on fashion. If you are looking for ways you can look good as well as keep warm this winter, this guide shows you some tips.


In the colder months, layers are your friend! It means that you can wear almost any item you like but have the added bonus of keeping warm by adding a selection of other items with it. For example, you might really want to wear your favourite skirt, and by adding some warm tights, under it makes it a look that is great for winter, keeping you both warm and stylish.

For your top half, try wearing a combination of short and long sleeves, and adding jacket or hoodies from a Cannabis Apparel over the top for warmth. Or, for a party, choose a dress, or plus size party dresses from, and layer with a tailored blazer or kitted poncho wrap for an evening out.

A Good Coat

One key thing to invest in for winter is a quality, warm coat. Choose something that fits with your lifestyle, and that will go with most of your outfits. Neutral colours like beiges, greys, and blacks never go out of style, so if you just want to buy one coat this winter, these colours will mean you can wear it over any outfit.

Rock the Knitwear

There is something that feels so homely when you are snuggled up in your favourite knitwear along with a Merino Wool Irish Patchwork Blanket. However, it isn’t just something you have to hibernate in! While the chunky sweaters are great for outdoor walks, you can also get thinner and more glamourous Womens Cropped Sweater that works for evenings and socialising indoors. As it is the festive season, why not go for a fine knit top with a hint of glitter?


Soggy leaves, wet puddles, and icy sidewalks… it’s all out there in winter. That is why winter boots are really useful. There are lots of styles and shapes to choose from, such as low-heeled ankle boots, fur lined, or knee highs. Whatever style you choose, make sure they have good grip, are quality made so they hardwearing and durable, and also comfortable.

When winter comes, it can be easy to just hide out in your sweats at home, or just cover any old outfit with your coat, but winter fashion can be both warm and stylish to learn more tips click here. It is fun to shop around for winter fashion, and finding pieces that suit your sense of taste can give you the boost of confidence you need, and lift your mood if you are feeling the effects of the season. The good thing is, you can shop at the comfort of your home by visiting online consignment shops like CSD. Use the tips and tricks in this guide and those sidewalks will become your winter runway!

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