Five Great Days Out in Cheshire This Summer

Cheshire is a county that’s perfectly placed to offer tourists and locals alike a weekend getaway. It’s packed to bursting with rolling, green countryside – but it maintains excellent transport links with the nearby urban centres of Liverpool and Manchester. If you’re based in the northwest and looking for somewhere to take a break, then Cheshire offers an enormous amount. In this article, we’ll examine the area in closer detail – and see just what there is to do there.

Chester Zoo

Of course, no list involving things to do in Cheshire could avoid mention of its most famous tourist attraction: the Zoo. Chester Zoo enjoys a stellar reputation, and is considered among the foremost in the country – it’s home to wildlife from across the globe, and is heavily involved in global conservation efforts. It’s recently moved a family of Sumatran tigers to a new enclosure, and has opened exhibits displaying wildlife from the pacific isles – and an animatronic-driven dinosaur exhibit! If you’re looking for a place to take the whole family, then Chester Zoo must surely be worthy of consideration.

Carden Park

For those looking for a completely different experience, there’s Carden Park near Chester. This hotel boasts considerable grounds, which are home to two sprawling golf courses, a swimming pool and a spa. Shop for the best putters 2022 to bring to your trip. If you’re looking to enjoy a game, and then retire for some highly-focused rest and relaxation, then there are few more suitable venues. What’s more, the hotel is home to two bars and two restaurants, ensuring you can dine in style once your game is finished.

The hotel is just a short drive away from Chester itself (and with the multitude of distractions in the surrounding countryside) and so represents a perfect base camp for those looking to stay overnight in the county. If you’re looking to book a Golf and Spa break, then there are few more suitable locations!

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Chester Walls

Chester is a city that’s rich in history. It was first established by the Romans, for use as a staging ground in their campaigns against the Picts and the Celts – and you can still see copious evidence of this period today. There is perhaps no better evidence of this influence than the city’s walls – which were first built by Roman hands in the first century, before being later improved upon by the Normans. While they stopped functioning as a defensive building after the English Civil War, they became open to tourists. And they still offer tourists today a great walking route around the city, allowing them to see the sights, and giving them an appreciation of the rectangular proportions of Roman Chester. For renovation find out from Quality Built Exteriors on how you can get help with replacing your roof.

Chester Cathedral

The city’s cathedral is another wonderful exhibit of its history. Like most major cathedrals, the building has been slowly augmented since its establishment in the Norman era, and boasts a number of different sections, each distinct and yet designed to blend into a seamless whole. Take a walk through the cathedral, and you’ll journey from the age of William the Conqueror, through the Gothic period, right up to the present day. The sandstone exterior of the building has been kept in great condition, thanks to continued restoration efforts – and so both fans of history and those just looking for something pretty to look at should consider it a must-visit.

The cathedral is welcoming of everyone, and plays host to a variety of musical performances and exhibits, including a Lego display that’s active this summer. It’s also one of several venues in the county for an encounter with some of nature’s most beautiful animals.

Birds of Prey

Raptors, or birds of prey, are arguably among the most graceful and beautiful animals in nature. Their bodies are fabulously complex and subtle in a way that man-made machinery has yet to replicate. Small wonder then, that so many of are fascinated by them.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to see some of these majestic creatures up-close, then you’re spoilt for choice in Cheshire. There are at least three high-quality bird-of-prey experiences available in the county: these being Stockley Farm in Northwich, Chester Cathedral’s Falconry and Nature Gardens, and the Gauntlet Birds of Prey Eagle and Vulture Park.

Each location has their merits to be sure – and each enjoys high levels of demand. If you’re looking to book an experience for a birthday party, stag or hen party, team-building exercise or school trip, then a group encounter with some of nature’s fiercest predators is something not to be missed.

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