Five Reasons Why Websites Still Matter

As per Boston SEO agency, throughout technology progress that has affected every industry out there in the last decade, the rules of the game change regularly. Keeping up with the Joneses, once a complex social challenge, seems now like child’s play. This is if one considers the amount of time and effort required to keep up with online presence, be it social media or websites.

Many companies have steered towards social media for their primary marketing strategies and sales. Yet, the question that often arises is: Are websites still worth the effort? The answer is: Yes.

Read on for five reasons why websites still matter according to website design UT:


Whereas building a website back in the nineties required a specific budget and a web-designer, nowadays, many platforms offer a variety of it consulting services.

From building your own website for free or for a very slim budget to more complex designs that requires a more substantial investment, the market is flooded with options. These give business owners considerable flexibility to choose suitable solutions.


Beyond the overall developments on social media profiles, studies show that customers place more trust in companies that own a website against those which do not.

When buying new products, customers like to make sure that they are doing commercial transactions with trustworthy companies. Owned websites are a major contributing factor to build such credibility.


Even though social media profiles offer templates that make it easier to build on your online presence, websites provide the opportunity to create your design and update it whenever you want. Bing Digital is an ecommerce agency that works on your ecommerce website from start to finish.

That is why hiring a web design service is essential for creating a website that is visually appealing, user-friendly, and optimized for search engines. Professional web designers like Pop Machine Agency have the expertise and resources necessary to create a website that not only meets the needs of the business but also engages and converts customers.

Owning a domain and being able to manage the looks and the content helps you build on your brand as much as you wish. Website design is an extended marketing arm that can further reflect the company’s identity more authentically and uniquely than any social media profile. An it consulting company can help you achieve all of your technological goals.

At, they state that ‘If your website has multiple problems, you’re probably missing out on a lot of business.’ So make sure you have perfected the design with the help of experts like Web Design Newport before going public.

Open 24-hours

When selling products or services online, websites become a significant game-changer when having a built-in e-commerce platform. Having your shop open to customers 24/7 allows you to build on sales through online automation.

Studies show that most consumers shop online at night or during weekends, which is mostly out of business hours. Having an online shop on your site is, therefore, a must for massive consumption products.

Another great tip is to use a different postal address for your business in a big city like Manchester as that makes your business look a lot better and can work wonders for your business in general.


Measuring traffic, demographics, and general analytics is essential to any marketing department in the times we live in.

Websites allow for further measuring and even pre-set the data you want to analyze. This is the opposite of social media profiles. They only enable a certain amount of data under their terms and conditions.

Final Thoughts

Although the future might bring in new tools for us to market products, websites are still a significant contribution to the trade industry. Generating traffic might not be as simple as when using social media profiles, but the benefits are still considerable.

Ideally, a potent combination of social media and website presence is a winning strategy for most companies.

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