Four Tips To Help Get a Friend Out Of a Bad Relationship

It is terrible to have to watch a friend suffer through a bad relationship. This is especially true if the friend’s relationship is one that is physically, mentally or emotionally abusive. If you have a friend who is currently in a bad relationship, you can lend her your support to help extricate her from it. Here are four tips you can use to help get your friend out of a bad relationship.

1. Don’t Alienate Your Friend

The most important tip to help you get your friend out of a bad relationship is to make sure you are there to help her. The only way you can ensure this is to always be supportive and avoid being critical of her. Do not be judgmental about their relationship. As long as you are being a support system for your friend, you know you will be there to help her. She will always be open to your advice when she feels supported by you.

2. Be There to Listen

As well as always being supportive, you need to be a good listener. If your friend feels like she can come to you anytime to discuss her troubled relationship, then you will be able to keep track of what is going on with the relationship. This will out you in a good position to have ammunition in the future to help convince her to get out of the relationship.

3. Talk Calmly and Rationally

There comes a point to every woman’s bad relationship where she is looking for a way to get out. That won’t happen until she convinces herself that she will be better outside of the toxic relationship. You can help convince her that it is time to go by calmly laying out all the ways that the relationship is harmful to her.

The best way to do this is to get a group of friends together to calmly discuss the situation with her. If all of you are supportive and gently state your case, then you will create a warm, safe environment that will help your friend build up the courage she needs to leave.

4. Offer an Escape Plan

Your friend will need advice on how best to leave. If you can offer her a plan or even a place to stay, then she will find the process much easier. If the situation is abusive, you can get some legal advice about her options from a San Diego criminal defense law firm like the helpful folks at

Strong, Silent and Supportive

If you are a good friend who is always there to listen, then you can help your friend when she needs it most. A toxic relationship is a horrible thing to endure. Don’t let your friend suffer. Be strong and supportive when she needs to escape. You can also suggest meeting with Las Vegas members if your friend is ready for a hookup.

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