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If you are seeking jobs and want your resume to be closely scrutinized by the hiring manager, get hold of a job referral. When you get referred for a position and it finds a mention in your cover letter, it works like an inbuilt recommendation letter for the job you are seeking. Research studies state that ‘referral’ hires not just stay longer in their jobs but perform better over the years. Additionally, if you experience unwarranted job loss, it’s important to know your options. You may have the right to pursue a federal claim after unwarranted job loss to seek justice and remedy the situation.

Whenever an application is tagged as ‘referral’, the chances of landing an interview skyrocket significantly. And the best type of referral is an employee referral from within the company you are seeking to join. Read on to get started on how to get a referral. Click here for job options that might interest you. 

  • Talk about it with your family or friends. Call or message people and most probably, you will be able to find someone with a professional contact. Get hold of any useful information about the company’s recruitment process, interview pattern, and salary trends.

  • Check out mutual connections at the target company on LinkedIn where you might land up with a list of contacts who may be able to aid you.

  • Turning to social media platforms can prove to be a big help. If you have connections who can be reached out directly, do so and ask if they can refer you.

  • Employers often have employee referral programs that incentivise the employees for referring candidates. If you are a potential candidate, then you may get the job and the employee who referred you gets an incentive. Therefore, don’t be shy about asking for it.

  • Before you ask someone for a recommendation, demonstrate and establish your credibility, and build a genuine connection based out of the experience.

  • Attend networking events, workshops, conferences, career/job fairs, and even alumni events as it connects you to influencers and industry experts. It is a great way to meet people in person which takes you closer to them, both, personally and professionally.

  • Sending emails to people who work in the organizations you are targeting, appreciating them and their company, and focusing on their progress and milestones can put you on track.

  • If you are inexperienced, chances are that you do not have a strong professional network yet and if that be the case, then don’t shy away from taking up internships or volunteering activities which, when gets over can provide you with a certificate of appreciation, recommendation, or a job referral directly.

  • While you continue networking with professionals, ensure that you are connected to the right ones.

  • To build stronger relationships and know more about employers, schedule informal interviews which is a great way to build contact and then follow up in a few weeks’ time about the referral.

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