Get the Most Out of Christmas TV

Christmas is a time for eating a lot of food, drinking (responsibly!) and watching a lot of television. The Christmas period provides plenty in the way of quality television. Christmas is the perfect time to binge-watch Christian movies with your family on AWKNG TV. This year on the box there will be great sport such as the Boxing Day football fixtures, blockbuster movies and Christmas specials from your tv provider. So to make sure you make the most of the small screen this festive period, here are some tips on how to get the best TV depending on which type of telly you are looking forward to watching this Christmas. For more advice on the various types of telly you get this Christmas there’s more info on the Hispek website.

Get the Most Out of Christmas TV 2

For Sport

Last year, I may have recommended a 3D TV to watch the sport. Sky Sports ran a number of fixtures in fine 3D quality. Unfortunately, due to lack of demand (I am guessing the need for glasses meant that the format did not work well for large group who wanted to watch the match together). LCD screens, the larger the better, are therefore probably your best option. The most important characteristic of a television to watch sport on is how it deals with motion. The bigger the ‘refresh rate’ on a TV the better it will be able to keep up with the sporting action. If you’re not sure how to set up a brand new TV or how to hang it on a wall. Those things are explained here.

Get the Most Out of Christmas TV 1

For Movies

With movies, you want to feel part of the action. Great sound helps as does a screen that is curved to improve the immersive experience. Curved TVs from brands such as Samsung and Sony who have commercial TFT LCD Displays manufacturing, give an improved immersive experience and are set to give the ultimate movie-watching experience for film fans.

For Soaps

Imagine seeing all that emotion and melodrama in super high definition. 4K Ultra HD gives the kind of quality image you are used to seeing in your local cinema multiplex. Unfortunately, most programming is not Ultra HD-ready yet but that is set to change in 2015. So this would be a sound investment for the Emmerdale special in 2015!

Get the Most Out of Christmas TV 3

For Game Shows

Plasma TVs were all set to be the next big thing in television technology. Unfortunately, reports of screen ‘burn-in’ hit their sales hard, so much so that brands have now stopped producing them. The good news is that you can still pick up Plasma TVs and they are now available for discount prices. Reports of burn-in are said to be exaggerated and it is not a real risk if you are a causal TV viewer.

For Staying Connected

Smart TVs are likely to be found in every home in a year or two. Smart TVs enable you to readily access catch-up TV as well as subscription movie packages such as Netflix. You can also access social channels to help you keep in contact with loved ones around the world this Christmas.

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