Gospel for Asia

Asia is a place where most of the counties are on a developing stage and at such places, there are many issues which are not solved with government funding alone. Such problems include public health, education, women empowerment and rural development as a whole and these issues are often addressed by several Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), and Gospel for Asia, which is founded by K. P. Yohannan is one such NGO which works for the needy with the blessings of Lord Jesus. They believe in the power of Jesus’s love and understand its need for the people. Thus, this organization works for sharing the love of Christ through forming national missionaries and they are doing this work since 30 years now. They are working on the principles of humanity and with an agenda to do as much as they can for the underprivileged.

The main activities carried out by Gospel for Asia are as follows:

  • Helping the victims of Natural Disasters like floods, Tsunamis, cyclones etc.
  • Serving at Leprosy colonies.
  • Providing free medical care in poor areas.
  • Helping widows and orphaned or abandoned children by providing then with basic needs like food, water and shelter.
  • Helping downtrodden people and tribes of South Asia.
  • Distributes literature in different languages so that the common people get to understand Jesus Christ in a better way.


More about Gospel for Asia:

Gospel of Asia mainly operates in the rural areas of China, Nepal ,India, UK, US, Germany, Burma, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and other South East Asian countries where the help is needed the most.

Though the NGO believes in sharing the love of Christ, they do not discriminate in religion when it comes to helping people who are in need.

Gospel for Asia also supports over 5 Bible colleges in different countries and also looks after funding for the upliftment of Christians who are living in Asia under extremely poor conditions. It is one of the most remarkable and influential missionary body of the current time.

Asia also has a lot of gender inequality which Gospel for Asia is trying to eradicate by working towards the empowerment of women who are in need of opportunities to become independent.

Thus, Gospel for Asia is and organization which is like a boon from the lord for the people who are in need.


Beliefs of Gospel for Asia:

  • All of us are created by God all are equal.
  • Discriminating over religion is very wrong and unethical.
  • The love of God is reflected in Christ and his followers should love their neighbours.
  • We should serve to the needy both with our words as well as good deeds.
  • Everyone, be it men, women or children, have freedom to choose their beliefs and this freedom is given to them by God.
  • Doing anything that diminishes human dignity is wrong, regardless of what the person’s background is.
  • All Governments are ordained and hence, we should wish good for all rulers and their families.
  • The Word of God is the final authority for everyone’s conduct as well as faith.





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