Great Investment Ideas For Your 401K

Having worked all of my life and saved hard, I was in a position when I retired whereby I had a great deal of disposable cash, this meant that in all honesty, my 401K was no longer going to be needed quite the way that I thought. As a result of this, I decided that I would switch my 401k to gold coins in the hopes of growing my wealth even further. In truth, I did this more so that I would have something to do, the idea of wealth and riches was not something that really excited me like it does with many. Nonetheless I began to invest and I wanted to share with you some of the places where I have put my money, Without further ado then, here are the investments that I have in my portfolio.


Finance and tech are two areas that have always appealed to me and so when I heard about a digital currency, I was hooked straight away. Within hours of finding out about Bitcoin, I researched everything that I could and opened a Bitcoin wallet. I was fortunate enough to get into the Bitcoin market early and because of this I was able to make quite a bit of money on my original investment. I believe very much that this is going to be the currency of the future and so I researched about hodl crypto and have kept quite a large amount of the Bitcoins which I initially bought.

Start Ups

I spent my career in the tech industry and for that reason I thought that it would be a good idea to become an angel investor and dedicate some of my investments to start ups. There are so many new ideas that are coming out each and every day that I simply couldn’t miss the opportunity of jumping on the next Facebook or Snapchat. As yet this area of my investments has failed to yield fruit but investing in start ups is very much about the long game and I am more than happy to observe some patience whilst things pick up speed. If you do plan on investing in start ups, I’d advise that you do so into a business idea which you already know a little about.

Real Estate

Real estate is my most recent foray into investing and I have just signed on the dotted line for my very first property after looking at lake lanier homes for sale. Everyone always says that bricks and mortar are best and they could very well be right. I like that the market here is far less volatile than stocks and shares or foreign currency and I also like the fact that I can actually see my money in the flesh rather than with digits on a screen. My plan is to collect properties and rent them out, I dedicated my search to up and coming areas in the hope that the properties which I buy will be able to gradually move into positive equity, and make me some good profits when I sell them.

Do you invest? What does your portfolio look like? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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