Here’s a roundup of some of the best and most interesting keylogger apps

Any small hardware or software created for the purpose of capturing keystrokes typed on a keyboard is termed as a keylogger. In case the keylogger is in the form of hardware, it will be detected easily, since it must be connected to the keyboard via a PS2 or USB port. On the other hand, software keylogger can function without being noticed by the computer user. The only way they will be notified that a keylogger for PC is activated, is through an antivirus or anti-keylogger packages. Other than that, there is no way for them to know their computers are being monitored.

A keylogger has several important uses as well. These include:

  • Monitoring children to ensure their safety on the internet
  • Monitoring employees ensuring they do not leak confidential data
  • For spying on suspects or criminals

Keyloggers can be misused as well, as in for stealing a friend’s password. There are several software based keyloggers for PC available on the internet. They can be either freeware or shareware.

While freeware is free, in case of shareware, a license is delivered in exchange of a fee. Although it costs money, the latter has better invisibility. However, a free keylogger for PC does not have the required stealth mode and only a few keyloggers that are free, perform appropriately.

Are you looking for the best keylogger? Read the following list:

  1. mSpy Keylogger

This is considered as the best keylogger at the moment. However, it is not free like the others in the list but it is considerably advanced than the others. It guarantees complete secrecy and stealth during its functioning. It effectively monitors logs, keystrokes, web usage, and several other computer functions and has applications in several fields.

There are several other free keyloggers available on the internet but they either cost money or are not capable of providing the required level of secrecy while capturing keystrokes, which is the main purpose of an efficient keylogger for PC. Therefore, it is advisable to opt for mSpy—the best keylogger.


  1. REFOG Free Keylogger

REFOG is a famous company offering a variety of keyloggers for business, corporate, and home use. The free version offered by the company is rather basic, being able to monitor websites visited, keystrokes, clip boards, and computer activities such as running programs.

  1. DanuSoft Free Keylogger

This one is a basic and easy to use tool, which is free of cost and is used for capturing keystrokes. The program is hidden and shown by typing a specific keyword. Moreover, it has an additional advantage over the previously mentioned software that it can be configured to run automatically with the system in stealth mode.

  1. Real Free Keylogger

This is one of the best free keyloggers available on the internet at the moment since it requires you to add in a password as it is initially installed on a system. Afterwards, it can only be accessed through that password. Moreover, it allows you to create a hotkey for launching the software as it runs in stealth mode. It has a scheduler for keeping track of the log files.

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