High Hopes for Comfort Women

The topic of “South Korean comfort women” has been under discussion between the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and South Korean President Moon Jae-in. The wellknown 2015 agreement was mentioned once more as the Prime Minister explained once more how it should be left as is. This agreement between the two nations has been under evaluation for some time and it was explained during the 2014 United Nations Human Rights Committee was a euphemism for sex slave.


The Japanese Prime Minister has since believed that Japan and South Korea should find a compromise that can greatly impact the future of both countries. The potential success of future endeavors together was accepted by President Moon and inspired a statement during his visit to Pyeongchang. This notably the location of the where the opening ceremony of the Olympics will take place.


There is some important history between the two countries and agreements have become a major reason for discussion. The colonization of South Korea between 1910 and 1945 play a major role in the dynamic between the two countries. Japan was responsible for forcing many Korean women to work at brothels during the war. This is the heart of the situation between the countries and much reason to find reconciliation. Both Japan and South Korea are allies of the United States and these issues do cause concern.


Japan notably took the initiative to apologize for history and the coercion of mostly Korean women into prostitution. There are many comfort women stories and comfort women testimonies that depict what happened in the last. Decided that it was imperative to assist the victims, the leaders chose to award about $9 millions for a special fund to support all who suffered during this time. South Korean made a declaration at the beginning of the year that this fund actually didn’t help those who had suffered during the war. He stated that more needed to be done in order to make the situation bearable for sufferers.


Following the meeting at Pyeongchang with the South Korean President, Prime Minister Abe made a special announcement concerning the agreement. The meeting was attended by the media who heard first hand that the street between the two countries that the agreement was binding. He also mentioned that the agreement effectively resolved any concern between South Korea and Japan.


There were also some other requests made by the Prime Minister with plans to be carried out in due time. There are statues of Korean comfort women located in various countries around the world. The Prime Minister made it clear that these statues should be removed to respect those who suffered. These statues are located in countries such as Germany, the United States, and even Australia. There has been much damage inflicted on the comfort women victims and there could be more done to remedy the situation. Taking down the statues is considered to be a act of good faith a step in the right direction. It was suggested that the two countries join forces and work together to bring about resolution.


There are a few topics under discussion between the Japanese Prime Minister and the South Korean President. They both desire to move forward and to not be held back by the past. China, Japan and South Korea all have plans to take part in a summit to discuss how to go about reconciliation. There is also the issue of North Korea’s missile and nuclear programs and how to beat handle the situation. Things are slowly moving forward and there are bright hopes for the future for both countries.

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