How Best to Choose an Architectural Firm for Your Project

Choosing the right architect and architectural firm for your project – be it a commercial, residential, retail project, or other – can certainly be a challenge. The fact is that whilst there may be plenty of architectural firms out there and they may be more than qualified to undertake your specific requirements, how do you know which architect and firm fit your needs the most? There are many factors which can influence your decision, but according to an article posted at, here’s how best to choose an architect and architectural firm for your project through a Certified Third Party Architectural Review.

Experience and qualifications

The very first criterion you should consider when selecting an architectural firm or architect is their qualifications. Are they fully qualified to take on the entire scope of your project? How do you decide? One sub-criterion you should consider is their history and record as well as their capability. How long have they been operating as a firm, and what about their reputation and record? You should also consider their familiarity with the kind of project you require; if they have done something similar in the past, this already gives them an edge. Another consideration in regard to qualifications is their familiarity with the facilities located locally as well as their familiarity with the geography of the area where your project is located. You also have to think about their methodology and overall approach to the design – if you can see yourself working with them in a professional manner, that’s a good sign.

Other criteria based on your own judgment

You should also choose an architecture firm based on your own judgment – is there an immediate rapport between you and the firm’s representatives? Do you think they have the technical competence you require? How about their commitment? If they can show their commitment to the project from day one, then you will have a good and able partner who can listen to your requests and make suggestions or compromise when necessary.

What to expect from an architectural firm’s services

It is also a good idea to know what you can – and should – expect from the firm before you rely on their services. Your obligations and the architect’s obligations should be made clear from the start, and along with this comes a clear understanding of each of your responsibilities as well as expectations. Find out the scope of the architect’s services and ask them about their proposed time frame or period for the culmination of the project. You should also confirm the firm’s fees as well as the payment method for their services.

When it comes to their obligations and responsibilities, an architectural firm will typically be responsible for the design, the creation and preparation of the documents needed for construction, and the administration of the construction. But some architectural firms also offer extra services, such as feasibility studies, architectural programming, and the management of facilities. It’s best to know what kind of services you can really expect from the architectural firm so that everything is clear and straightforward, and you can avoid misunderstandings or miscommunication later on. Good luck!

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