How to Keep Your Liver Safe from Hepatitis

Hepatitis is the inflammation of the liver and is one of the deadliest diseases ever found in humans. This condition can impair your daily functioning, even leading to hospital admission. If left untreated, this disease can develop into liver cancer and failure. The body, without a high functioning liver, can then fail at filtering blood and absorbing essential nutrients from food and liquids. There are five types of hepatitis, ranging from A to E, that vary in sources of infection and severity. All of these need different treatments. However, common to all the types are certain practices that you can follow to prevent this disease from ever infecting you. What follows is a list you can execute to keep your liver safe from this disease.

Get vaccinated

Many sources of this disease are found all around us. Most of the time, you get exposed to these sources inevitably. The only sure prevention that you can acquire is vaccination, especially for hepatitis A and B. You can get this in clinics and hospitals in your community.

Avoid alcoholic drinks

Alcoholic hepatitis is a special kind of hepatitis that develops as you destroy your liver through your alcohol dependence. The most common sign that you have it is the yellowing of the skin and the eyes. In order to be safe, you can shift from drinking alcohol to non alcoholic drinks.

Examples of these are non-alcoholic spirits, iced teas, coffee and fruit juices you can prepare using the best vitamix blender. They give off the same advantages that alcohol gives your body, but not alcohol’s disadvantages. They even provide extra health benefits to drinkers.

Unsterilised needles

Since hepatitis is a viral infection, you can get this by using unsanitised needles. Needles used in injections and blood transfusions can be contaminated after use by an infected person. If left unclean, the contaminated blood and fluid can be passed to another user of the needle, hence, spreading hepatitis. You should make sure all needles are clean and only do medical procedures with licensed doctors or nurses.

Avoid contaminated food and water

The chances of getting infected by hepatitis are truly high, as people get hepatitis even from just eating unclean food and drinking contaminated water. Faeces infected with the hepatitis virus may get into food and water prepared in a polluted environment. Therefore, you are encouraged to only eat in establishments that have a health certificate. You can also make your own food. Clean the utensils and kitchenware you use properly before and after food preparation.

Hepatitis and its viral nature make it a frightening and deadly disease. It can come from places you least expect, from the food you eat, the liquid you drink, or the needle you just used for injections. Everyone needs to follow safety measures in order to prevent it, and while this may be troublesome it can make the difference between life and death in many cases. You can look into treatments or get yourself checked (see page for more info).

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