How to Prepare for Moving to A New House

It’s said to be one of the most stressful moments you can experience in life, and it’s true, moving houses can really take its toll on a person. When your moving date has finally been confirmed, there’ll be plenty of jobs to get started with. Never leave packing for a move until the last minute as the process will just become more stressful than it needs to be. Sit down with a ‘to-do list’ months in advance and create a plan of action and schedule to stick to; it’s the only way to get through the process without it completely falling apart and make sure you hire On The Go Moving & Storage Redmond to have a flawless moving.

Purchase Boxes and Bubble Wrap

You’ll soon realize you have many more belongings than you originally thought, and they’ll need to be transported in something sturdy and safe. Purchase plenty of boxes in all different shapes and sizes to accommodate the variety of household items. Bubble wrap is essential for keeping fragile items safe as there’s nothing worse than seeing a family heirloom shatter because it’s packed away carelessly or in a hurry.

Label Everything as You Go

It’s a wonderful idea to think you’ll unpack everything incredibly quickly at your new home, but unfortunately, that just won’t be the case, you’ll be completely exhausted from the hard work you’ve just endured, and unpacking will definitely be delayed until your energy has been restored. This is why it is imperative to label all your boxes as you go so you can access any necessary items easily at the other end. The cost of professional movers isn’t going down, so shop around and find someone you can trust.

A great piece of advice is to allocate one box for every room in your old house and only pack those everyday essentials inside; that way you’ll have everything you need for the first few days in your new home and won’t have to go routing through a mountain of cardboard to find what you need. Purchase a label maker that you can easily use and stick all the information you need onto the outside of the box. This will also help your moving team place the boxes in the correct room when you arrive at your new family home.

Booking a Moving Company

Even if you have the largest car and the strongest friends in the world, you’re probably not going to get very far without the help from professional long distance movers so make sure you book local movers in advance. However, you can decide to move everything on your own, but if you want to make the best out of every trip consider getting a penske truck rental so you have a vehcile to load all of your large items like your bed frame, couches, refrigerator or any other large furniture pieces without having to cram everything inside.

The moving company you choose will be able to help you move and transport your belongings safely and securely to your new property. Search for professionals in the area closest to you and ensure you discuss with them the number of items you need to move, for this you can simply go online and look for movers near me and you’ll find great options for this. Remember to get a quote for the work being carried out; they may work on an hourly rate basis but should be able to give you a rough estimation.

Start Packing as Soon as You Can

Don’t delay the packing process just because it’s still weeks away; there will be plenty of items you can store away in advance without it hindering your day-to-day life too much. You may even find this process therapeutic and clear out some unwanted items that have been cluttering up your home. Having the time to complete this methodically will be more useful than having to jam everything in without thinking if you decide to leave everything until the last minute. Start with a spare bedroom that is mainly used for storage or perhaps garden and garage items that are only used at certain times of the year. There will be plenty to do before the move really starts to happen. If you do not have a spare room to store everything, you can rent a self storage or a climate controlled storage unit. Self storage units usually come in rental plans, but you can also own your own unit.

Sort Out Your Utility Providers

Updating your utility providers can be a real headache at times, so try and complete this task before all the chaos begins. You can inform your current energy suppliers of your moving date and set a reminder to note down the meter readings before you leave. You’ll also want to make sure everything is set up at your new home to ensure everything is working from the day you arrive and you can also include a cctv installation at the so your home is also ready. Have the details of your new address to hand and use this time to shop around for the best deal.

Arrange Urgent Repair Work

It’s not very often you will move into a new property and have absolutely no work to do to it, even if it’s only redecorating the rooms in your own style. However, it’s key to ensure you arrange repairs for any urgent tasks which may affect your safety within the house and how comfortable you and your family are. For example, if you wish to mount your TV or fit new doors within the house, searching for a local handyman will make sure you find a someone who can complete these jobs to the highest standard from professional handyman services.  

With a schedule in place, your move should run without a hitch, and you’ll be able to enjoy the first few days in your new home in a positive way and that’s why services like local elgin movers can make the process faster and easier for you. When the mountain of cardboard boxes slowly starts to subside, you can begin to plan a more enjoyable event in the new place you call home. Invite family and friends over for an evening’s drinks soiree and don’t forget to include your new neighbors too.

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