How to Upgrade Your Ageing Car without Breaking the Bank

Your car may be getting old, but that doesn’t mean you have to take out another loan to buy a new vehicle. There are plenty of ways to improve the looks and performance of older car model. Of course, if your car is decades old, you might want to replace it. Otherwise, try one or two of the following methods to pimp your ride on a budget:

Tint the Car Windows

There are two main benefits in having window tinting for your car’s windows. First, it will protect the drivers and the passengers from the harsh sun. Think about the amount of time you spend driving during midday. When the sun is out, UV rays can seep through untinted car windows and damage your skin. But auto window tinting can prevent that. Secondly, dark car windows offer privacy. The driver and the passengers can see outside, but the outsiders can’t see in. There are different ways to make car windows dark, such as dyed, metallic tint, carbon, and so on. Find a good local car tinting Canberra service to get this effect on your car’s windows as well.

Buy Seat Covers

Nothing shows the age of a car more than seat covers. If your vehicle still has factory original seat covers that are not peeling away or showing signs of wear and tear, it’s time to buy new seat covers. You can replace the original seats, and then use seat covers over them for protection. Seat covers can be purchased relatively inexpensively. There are also some slightly pricey designs that will make the interior of your vehicle look absolutely luxe.

Shampoo the Seats and Carpets

You may need to buy new car floor mats coverings or seat coverings for your car. However, you can shampoo the seats and the floor to give your old car a shiny, brand new-looking interior. Shampooing is moderately expensive and may cost to between $100 and $300. However, it’s well worth it to make the interior of your vehicle clean and looking good. The team from Genesis Valeting offers a premier mobile valeting service, including interior shampoo, mobile fast carwash services, and interior detailing for cars and vans at home or at work. You can also bring your car to a powder coating dublin at which you can check here to ensure that your car is protected against UV rays, rain, and help remove scratches and scuff marks.

Get New Car Speakers and Install Seat TVs

You can make your old car the envy of your peers buy upgrading the existing car speaker and installing headrest TV screens. The default factory speaker set in most cars are pretty bad. The sound is low-grade at best, especially if your car is older than five years. Therefore, even a cheap new speaker will be a significant improvement over what the vehicle already had. Headrest video screens are not too expensive. You can easily purchase these gadgets for cheap online. The result is a rad in-car entertainment system that will make those long road trips even more enjoyable.

Buy a New Exhaust System

The exhaust system removes fuel and air from the combustion chambers of the car’s engine. The expelled air makes room for the engine to burn new fuel to make the car run. The faster the exhaust system works, the more powerful and fuel efficient your vehicle will be. You can definitely take your car to VW Auto services shop and they will add more horsepower to your car’s old engine by installing a new aftermarket exhaust system. Keep in mind to buy the compliant aftermarket exhaust systems because most products can be too aggressive and make loud noises.

In addition to the above, you can always give your car a new body paint makeover. If you own a diesel vehicle, always keep up with the diesel repair and tune ups it needs to maintain its good condition no matter how old the vehicle is. Use any of the suggestions here to improve your car’s looks and performance and stop worrying about it looking so old.

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