How You Can Use Bitcoins To Go To The Casino

Bitcoin has been described as the worlds first cryptocurrency first established in 2009 and has quickly become a popular currency for purchasing online. The true inventor of bitcoin remains unknown, but the pseudonym of cryptocurrency broker Satoshi Nakamoto is used by the inventor to conceal their identity, it may even be a collaboration of people responsible. Bitcoin has been heavily praised worldwide for breaking down the barrier of exchange rates when someone purchases or sends money to someone in a foreign country. When you consider there are 180 different currencies all around the world, there 11 in Europe alone, and there would have been even more if it weren’t for many of them sacrificing their own currency and joining the Euro.


2014 saw the launch of BetChain, the Professional Bitcoin Online Casino and the first casino to offer bitcoin as an official currency. Sadly, BetChain isn’t yet available in the UK, although with the United Kingdom government recently regulating bitcoin as a legal form of currency, it hopefully won’t be long until the people of Britain get to join in with all the BetChain fun. Once it’s available in the UK, members will able to enjoy all of their favourite top site online casinos games including roulette, video poker, blackjack and slots.


One of the biggest perks of bitcoin is that it is a lot safer to use online in comparison to real money, which you can access using an easy-to-find bitcoin kiosk machine. BetChain online casino has already ensured that they only use the latest technology as they want their members to feel fully comfortable every time that they are using the site. BetChain have also avoided alienating a key target audience as they have also started to accept Euros and Dollars on their website. This means that they are able to attract a wider range of people that may not yet be familiar or comfortable using bitcoin at an online casino malaysia just yet.


Sadly, you cannot currently use bitcoin in traditional bricks and mortar casinos. However, BetChain are certain to be trailblazers within the gaming industry and many other leading brand casinos are sure to follow suit. Gamblers from all over the world look forward to time when they can use bitcoin as an official currency in any no deposit casino Once this becomes the case it will be easier for players to play their favourite games as there won’t be a currency exchange rate to consider, plus bitcoin is 100% digital as opposed to the inconvenience of physical cash, also if you think you gamble too much, and want to fix this addiction, you should get Gambling Addiction Help UK to serve you in this area.

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