Imagine a Summer Holiday with Your Name on It

Many people dream of owning a holiday home but assume that it is financially beyond their reach. In fact, it can be more affordable than you think, provided that you consider several important factors. This article outlines some of the questions to ask.

What Size Does It Need To Be?
Be honest. Think about how big a holiday home actually needs to be, rather than how big you would like it to be. Do you need that extra bedroom? What about a second bathroom? ‘Like’ and ‘Need’ can be very different!

Work Out A Budget
If you have done any research at all, you might have an idea about how much a holiday home could cost. If you are not able to stretch to a conventional ‘second home,’ consider a static caravan. You get similar benefits as you would from a house such as familiar location and the ability to build relationships with locals, but at a fraction of the fee Remember though all affordable static caravans for sale will incur running costs, in much the same way as a main home does. Do consider:

Finance options

Park fees, often annual



Cost of ‘extras’ such as steps

After the initial purchase price:


Fuel costs (gas/electricity)



Small appliances (kettle/toaster)

Also, going to the same place every holiday could become a bit stagnant!

Lipsi Island in the Dodec 008

Location, Location, Location
Consider how far you want to travel; a longer distance and you might feel more like you’re going away, but if your holiday home/caravan is closer to home, might you use it more regularly and visit at weekends, too?

If you want to allow other people to use your caravan and they will pay for that privilege, check that the park will allow rentals. Check, too, whether the park amenities match your requirements and if not, are you willing to compromise? Children’s clubs are often on the list because parents would like to get a little peace and quiet, so a crrche would be great although it is not exactly necessary.

A holiday home must be just that; somewhere to come to on holiday, so it is not permitted to live in all year-round.

What Will The Space Be For?

Somewhere to relax and read a book

A place to escape the daily bustle

Another big plus for buying a static caravan is that if it is on a park, it might be possible to ‘trade in’ and upgrade towards the end of the term. Depreciation is a definite concern and many parks will allow a straight upgrade.

Be as picky as you like. This is a major purchase, so must be done only when you are happy and ready to make the commitment. As with your main home, add personal touches to ensure the space reflects your family’s personality. There are parks and independents with affordable static caravans for sale, so take your time and have a good look around. Perhaps even book in to some caravan parks for a weekend and ‘try before you buy.’


Tom Campbell writes regularly on travel topics for various websites and blogs. He has recently sold his caravan, looking to buy a gite in France soon, but knows that there are affordable static caravans for sale all over the UK.

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