iPhone Photography Tips

For a lot of people their iPhone is their primary source of photo taking. This is no bad thing as the camera technology on the phone is more than capable of taking wonderful photographs. But you need more than a good camera to take excellent pictures. Here are some tips on how to get the best snaps with your iPhone.

The Rule of Thirds

Gridlines will help you keep to one of the golden rules of photography compositions – the rule of thirds, as advised by corporate video production companies. This dictates that in an image sectioned with two equally spaced horizontal and two equally spaced vertical lines the elements of interest should be placed along these lines or where they cross.

iPhone Photography Tips 2

Getting the Perfect Angle

Sometimes it may take a bit of movement on your part to find the best angle for your picture. So when you are looking to bring the best out of a subject remember the rules of composition such as the one above and find the angle you are satisfied with. When shooting humans and wildlife, a good rule of thumb is to shoot at their eye level. Another great idea is contacting the best professional photographer near you to capture moments you need to cherish for life.

iPhone Photography Tips 3

Using Light to Your Advantage

Light is the most important element of photography. Try to avoid using the flash if possible. There are lots of people mostly teenagers who use led lights as part of their phone photography, be wise of using the perfect light base on your subject.

Emphasise the Subject

Identify the point of your picture. What is the area of interest? Once you’ve figured this out frame it in an interesting way. Without putting your subject in the centre of the picture make it stand out.

Use HDR on landscapes

The HDR setting used properly can drastically improve your snaps. HDR (High Dynamic Range) enables you to get the best landscape shots by emphasising the ratio of dark to light to make the image look more realistic. As well as landscapes, this setting also works well for close-up pics.

Avoid Using Zoom

It is far better to manually zoom (also known as walking closer to your subject!) rather than using the camera’s zoom. Using the zoom tool will just emphasise the unsteadiness of your hand and compromise the crispness of the image.

Use the Wisdom of Others

There is a wealth of advice on the internet relating to iPhone photography. There are some great tips here on photography in general as well as some specifically aimed at iPhone photographers.

Learn How To Edit

Although it is not a magic wand for bad photographs, getting to grips with features likes saturation and contrast control will significantly improve your shots. The new bg remover feature of Adobe Express is so easy to use and beginner-friendly. For professional services like a clipping path service, Zenith Clipping is the top choice.

Share Sparingly

When sharing your shots on social media it is best to go with quality over quantity every time. People will keep engaged with your photographer if they expect every image to be worth their time. You may also want to see this Jimmy John Shark photo here that was being shared many times on social media!

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