Is California in Your Vacation Plans?

Are you at the point now where a vacation is nothing short of a necessity?

If the answer to that question is yes, where are you thinking about heading off to?

For many individuals, a visit to California doesn’t sound like all that bad of a deal.

Yes, the Golden State has more population than any of the 50 states. And yes, the traffic in various portions of the state can be a nightmare at times.

That said many people find California to be a great vacation destination.

So, will California be on your list of places to see real soon?

Enjoying Your Next Vacation Out West

If your next vacation will in fact involve California, what are your plans?

Despite all the people and traffic, there are plenty of things to do in California.

Among some of the more popular and fun attractions:

1. Whale watching season in California – Seeing whales up close you won’t forget. That said do some research online to find out the best times of the year to see the whales. Not only can you see whales, but dolphins and other wildlife abound when you are out on a boat tour. As such, you will be both educated and consumed with excitement seeing nature so close to you.

2. Disneyland still rings true – Whether you have kids or you will be going on your own, Disneyland is great. Seeing Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, Donald and all the characters is an adventure. You also have rides and entertainment to fill a day or more in your visit to this treasure.

3. Hollywood and the stars – What individual wouldn’t want to be walking or eating at a restaurant in Hollywood and see a star? Although there are no guarantees of such star sightings, you may get lucky. In Hollywood, you can visit the famed Walk of Stars for blocks and blocks. See the stars of some of the most famous names to have graced the world of entertainment and more over the decades. You can also shoot over to next door world of Beverly Hills where many stars live and shop.

4. San Diego and the great weather – This jewel by the sea has served to entertain visitors for decades. Along with awesome So Cal weather, America’s Finest City has beaches, downtown spots and more

5. San Francisco and some incredible views – If you like history, the Bay Area has its share. San Francisco offers some incredible views of the Golden Gate Bridge, Coit Tower and more. If you love eating seafood, then give it a try to dine in the best seafood restaurant in San Francisco like the Crab House. If you visit in the summertime, don’t forget to take a jacket. If you do not have jacket, click to view the options here. Unlike San Diego and Los Angeles, the Bay Area can get cool in the summer, especially in the evening hours. 

With all there is to do in California, is it time for you to start booking your next vacation?

If it is, note all that is waiting is for you to pack your bags and get ready for the time of your life.

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