Is Your Data Center Energy Efficient?

The reliability and efficiency of your company’s data center could essentially make or break your business. This group of networked servers offer the key to safe transactions and the secure storage of your company’s and customers’ sensitive data, and an inefficient data center will not only leave your business and its assets vulnerable to fraud and hacker attack but data loss could even close your business’ doors for good.

Maintaining an energy efficient data center isn’t as easy as it looks, and many IT managers struggle to keep their data centers sustainable without affecting their reliability. Here we reveal how you can make your data center as green as possible and unlock savings in IT management, lower power costs and improve your infrastructure’s operational success.

Take control of your center’s cooling capabilities

Maintaining your data center is a huge operation, however, unbeknown to many, only 50% of the power available is used by your company’s IT equipment. The other half is used to keep your system cool, which can lower its efficiency and increase your company’s carbon footprint in the process.

By housing your data center is a temperature controlled environment, you can adjust the center’s internal cooling settings and allow greater resources to be spent on your IT equipment. Make use of outdoor air by sufficiently ventilating your data center room. Alternatively you can upgrade your cooling system to adopt variable functions that eliminate inefficiencies.

Embrace a dynamic management system

The efficiency of your data center can quickly become hampered by poor server utilisation, a problem that is the biggest source of waste for the majority of data centers. Consider consolidating and virtualising your servers to increase your data center’s wider utilisation, this will ensure a more dynamic management system that increases rack space by up to 50%.

Configure your hot and cold aisles

For those familiar with data center management, efficiency depends on a series of hot and cold aisles that must be maintained to certain temperatures. Ineffective configuration can create hot spots, which cause power waste and subsequent failure. Also known as unplanned outages, these failures are a regular challenge for businesses of all sizes and can be difficult and costly to resolve.

To ensure balance in your data center’s hot and cold aisles, continuously calibrate and monitor temperatures to improve efficiency and prevent outage issues.

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