It’s Easy Now to Get Farm House Plots Near Pune

Pune has grown to be one of the leading cities of India. Initially it was considered as the child of Mumbai. But in the present time it is listed among the mega cities. The area of the city is about 450 square meters and has a population of over 5 millions. It has grown as a center of commerce in the recent years. Many multinational companies have opened up their offices in this city. Many engineering and management colleges have also come up in and around the city. As a result people from from various parts of India are coming here and settling down. Due to this Pune is also getting congested like many other developing cities. The infrastructure in the main areas of Pune is not so good. It is degrading each day. Places like Koregaon Park, Hinjewadi and Deccan Gymkhana are getting congested at a very fast pace. So people are looking to move towards the extensions of the city and settle there. The places that are being preferred by the people are Anudh, Viman Nagar and Kalyani Nagar. People are purchasing both flats and farm house plots near Pune to accommodate themselves. It is not a tough job to find a plot for building a farm house in the suburbs of Pune. If the person is not able to afford to buy a plot or flat of his own he can always find a property at rent. The rent is reasonable and can be afforded by most of the people. The main locations of Pune can be reached very easily from these surrounding areas.

Keeping in mind the growing demand for real estate properties the Realtors have risen to the occasion. Renowned builders of Pune and even different parts of the country have started their projects in Pune. Many residential flats have come up just like mushrooms. But it is still easy to find plots for building farm houses. The families who own land are selling them at a good price as they have understood that investment in real estate is really a very profitable one. There are many local builders who have started joint ventures with reputed builders. People can also buy farm house plots near Pune and build their own houses.

The value of the apartments is much higher in the prime areas of Pune. The lowest price of the flats per square feet is about Rs. 3000. The highest cost may go up to about Rs. 5200. The rate of the apartments are fixed depending on the area on which they are situated. The cost of real estate property is much higher in places where the industrialists and the political leaders live. Whereas apartments at a much cheaper price can be found in those places where the people of average income and the students live. People who are looking for farm house plots near Pune can gather information from the real estate agents or from internet. The cost of such plots may range between Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 40,000 per square yard. Apartments are also available on rent. The average rent is about Rs. 12,000 to Rs. 15,000. Despite of the rising cost of the plots and apartments their demand is increasing everyday.

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