Jonah Engler: Can The New York Yankees Win it all in 2018?

New York is a city with a big population, lots of noise, big skyscrapers and offers a one of a kind experience. If you come and visit you have to know how to avoid the street scammers, the frauds, and the panhandlers, even while you visit Broadway and the city’s entertainment district which is tops in the world. Many people come for the entertainment and the top draw are the New York Yankees.

New York’s sports team, the New York Yankees baseball club is simply the most envied sports franchise in the world. Over its history, it has been the most successful sports franchise in baseball, but its successes rival any team in any sport around the world. For example, their baseball records are formidable. The team has been in twice as many World Series as the next MLB team, and they have won the big prize more than twice as many times as any other MLB team.

This year, the Yankees are typically competing for the best record in baseball and seem headed for a long run in post season play.

The team has loaded up on hitting stars featuring the phenom Aaron Judge who set a rookie record for the amount of home runs and RBIs in the league. Aaron is currently nursing a broken wrist which has slowed the team quite a bit because he bats both for average and power. He is expected back in a few weeks however and the power surge is expected to continue when he returns.

The Yankees also acquired Giancarlo Stanton who is the top home run hitter in the league over the past four seasons. He was purchased in a fire sale that the Miami Marlins had during last year’s off season and after a slow start has hit his stride. Judge and Stanton make the most formidable hitting tandem in baseball and when they are back up to full speed with the return of Judge, no one wants to face them. When you are the other Yankee superstars including Dee Dee Gregorius, Brett Garner and Miguel Andujar, the team is loaded and ready to compete.

In terms of their pitching staff, the team has a solid if not spectacular rotation led by Luis Severino and J.A. Happ, and of course the Yankees have one of the greatest closers in baseball, Ardonis Chapman who has the fastest fastball in the league.

The biggest challenge perhaps to the club this year is the annual division nemesis the Boston Red Sox. In short the team is playing better than any club over the last decade and perhaps ever. Boston has quietly built a powerhouse over the past four years and now seems to be running away with the National League East Division. They currently have a 9 game lead over the Yankees, and show no signs of slowing down. Although they are light on stars, their team play is superb and they know how to win. With Aaron Judge out of the line-up the Yankees will be hard pressed to catch Boston any time soon and it is safe to say that they will win the division and meet the Yankees in the playoffs at some point.

Another powerful team this year is the Houston Astros who have loaded up to take a run deep into the playoffs this year and to perhaps repeat as world champions. They destroyed the Dodgers who were heavy favorites and have only gotten stronger as a team with new additions made during the off season and at the trade deadline.

Only time will tell who will prevail, and big Yankees fans like Jonah Engler are nervous, but the Yankees always bring their A game to the post season, and appear well positioned to perhaps win another World Series.


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