Living With a Pregnant Woman

When you have a friend who is pregnant, there are a few things you can do to help them through their pregnancy. First of all, understand that pregnancy is not a very easy time for the mum to be as their bodies will be changing. There will be mood swings, back pains and some will be aimed at you. However, you can read: back pain during pregnancy explained and if you can understand this, you will be able to manage those periods very well. You may also need to accompany her to the gynecologist at a local ob clinic or to woman health services for her regular checkups and other needs.

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Then again, as the pregnancy advances, you will need to be there trying to make the mother feel as comfortable as they possibly can be at this time. While you are trying to do this, they may seem ungrateful as sometimes they will pick at everything and everyone. Then again, since you are the person closest to them, there are a couple of things to know about pregnant women so you can live with them, comfortably without losing your mind.  Don’t expect her to be always happy even if you are preparing for the baby shower and trying to run the best baby hampers ideas and for this, you can explore various online shopping sites where you can get excellent stuff for your baby and amazing baby hampers to gift to your loved one. You may always feel like you; she gets you wrong each time.

To understand the mood swings

If you have to live in the same house with them, then you may be in for some tough times. This will be more so if the mother to be a single parent. They will demand the most obscene things at the most ungodly hour. If they are not married, they will expect you to play the role of husband and sister at the same time. Sometimes they will whine because they think you don’t care and at other times they will scream their heads out because they think you are interfering.

To help them eat healthy

Most women, when pregnant will have the most surprising cravings, even the things they had sworn they will never eat will become their favourite dish. Some will tend to eat after every thirty minutes. As a person living with a pregnant woman, you have to come up with ways of helping them eat healthy. It is not every craving that has to be satisfied. Try to politely remind them of the effect their eating habit may have on the baby.

Endeavour to consult her before making decisions

You may want to organize a fun baby shower party for her as a surprise, but she might surprise you by refusing to go. Although the party is for her, she may feel like she was not consulted. Here, you should not blame her in vague, and it could be the uneasiness that she is going through or possible she wants to avoid those hassles that she could endeavour during the party or a huge get together. Note that people will differ and they will take things differently. Understand the person you are with, so you can have the best times during the pregnancy.

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