London, the land of eternal love story

London is the city of imagination and ideas; from pioneering music to contemporary art to theatrical innovation and designing or writing, the mark of excellence is prominent in every field. London is true heaven for food, drinks and entertainment. The artistic bars, art galleries, West End theatres, dance and great music, museums and festivals, the irresistible charms of London never comes to an end. At the Victoria & Albert Museum and British Museum the visitors get mesmerised by the diverse and magnificent collections. In the culinary spectrum the markets like Borough and Exmouth are there with captivating flavours. While being intrinsically British London is the most international city of the world as well with its stunning cultural dynamism. While Central London is the abode of some of the iconic sights, major museums and galleries, Greenwich Park or Hampstead Heath is where you can experience the gorgeous perspective of the greener hues of the city. The panoramic view of riverside London can be enjoyed at its best from Hampton Court Palace, Richmond or Kew Gardens. A well-tended assortment of gardens and parks makes it one of the leafiest capital cities of the world.

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