London, the land of eternal love story

To witness the works of man across the world from prehistoric to modern period you have step in to the world-famous British Museum. The mummies, Parthenon sculptures and the Rosetta Stone are highlights of the collection. Tate Modern nestled on the banks of Thames houses contemporary and modern art exhibits by the leading artists. London’s National Gallery boasts of exclusive Western European paintings with works of maestros like da Vinci, Van Gogh, Renoir, Stubbs etc.

At the Natural History Museum one can see the rarest, tallest and biggest animals of the world including a Blue Whale and spider of 40-million-years old. The highest observation wheel of the world, London Eye marks a big feature of London skyline. A visit to London cannot be complete without a breathtaking experience on the wheel with unforgettable views of the most prime landmarks of London. Come face-to-face with the most influential figures from politics, sport, showbiz and Royalty at Madame Tussauds. Make the moment memorable by striking a pose with Shakespeare or Brad Pitt or Lady Gaga.

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